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Flame-tastic campfire inspo

Gathering around a campfire with family and friends, sharing stories and laughter while flames flicker and wood crackles—nothing beats that cosy feeling!

Ready to kick your campfire gatherings up a notch? We've got you covered!

Teaming up with our friends at Samba, we've put together the ultimate guide to enhance your campfire experience, ensuring a safe and memorable winter escape.

Getting the fire just right is an art form.

Let’s get started

First things first – we need to get the campfire started! Our friends at Samba have foolproof tips and tools to ensure you know how to light your campfire

First you’ll need: firewood, matches or a lighter, kindling, firelighters and a fire poker.

SAMBA TIP: Use Samba Ultra Long matches so you don’t burn yourself. While Samba Natural Firelighters are a great option to get things burning and they don’t smell!

Do you prefer the Tee-pee' or 'Jenga' approach when building your campfire?

Samba’s campfire tips

1. Arrange 8-10 pieces of kindling in a ‘Jenga’ or ‘Tee-pee’ pattern with sufficient gaps for airflow

2. Place Samba firelighter bricks among the kindling according to the instructions

3. Ignite the firelighters using Samba long matches or gas lighter

4. Once the kindling is burning steadily, add small firewood pieces, ensuring space for air circulation

5. After the smaller pieces are burning well, add larger logs.

SAMBA TIP: Use dry kindling and firewood to ensure effective burning and reduce smoke. Or use a Samba 3IN1 Easy-Light Firelog.

Samba's 3IN1 Easy-Light Firelogs can level up your campfire game!

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Gather round for a game

Who can resist a bit of friendly competition? Toss the cards and chessboard back in the cupboard because we've got some fresh games to spice up your holiday routine and spark new campsite traditions!

The Game with No Name

Number of players: 4 or more

What you’ll need: pencil, paper, container (a hat will do!)

What is it?

This game challenges teams to guess famous names in three rounds of rapid-fire excitement. With rounds including describing, acting out, and giving one-word clues, it's a surefire way to ignite laughter and competition at your next gathering! Download the full instructions HERE

WARNING: Campfire games can get very competitive!

I Went Camping…

Number of players: 2 or more

What you’ll need: just some good company!

How to play:

1. The game begins with someone saying, "I went camping the other day and brought along..." followed by an item of their choice

2. Moving clockwise, the next player repeats the entire phrase said by the previous player and then adds a new item of their own. (For example: I went camping the other day and brought along an air mattress, and a blanket)

3. Players continue this pattern, repeating all the items mentioned by previous players and adding new ones

4. If a player makes a mistake or takes too long to choose an item, they are eliminated

5. The last player standing (or sitting!) wins the game!

GO BIG TIP: For an added challenge, the first person has to choose an item beginning with A, then the next person B etc.

Even just two can play 'I went camping'.

Whip up a tasty campfire creation

Fireside treats? Yes, please! From savoury delights to sweet sensations, there's something oh-so-satisfying about getting creative with food around the fire. These favourites are sure to have campers flocking to your site.

Feeling hungry around the campfire?


You’ve seen them in the movies, now try them for yourself! Made up of perfectly toasted and gooey marshmallows, crispy graham crackers (or arrowroot biscuit or similar), and decadent chocolate all stacked together. It’s the pairing of campfire dreams!

GO BIG TIP: Scout out the perfect marshmallow toasting stick before nighttime!  

If you don't have all the ingredients for s'mores, simply toasting marshmallows on a stick is always a surefire winner.


So simple, yet so delicious! Rustic fire-baked bread, crispy outside, fluffy inside, smoky aroma – it’s perfect for a cosy fireside gathering. Find the full recipe HERE.

GO BIG TIP: Make your dough in the camp kitchen so you’re all set once it’s campfire time! 

Making damper is serious business!

Serenade under the stars

If you're skilled on the guitar, remember to bring it along! Not musically inclined? No problem! Here are some fantastic ways to keep the fireside jams alive on your getaway.

'Does anyone want to hear me play Wonderwall again?'

Rotating Juke Box

Whether you're vibing to retro 80's beats or kickin’ it with country tunes, the theme is in your hands! Choose a theme, pass the phone around, and let everyone queue up a song. It'll keep the fun rolling and introduce some forgotten gems!

GO BIG TIP: don’t forget to pack your portable speaker!

Songs that define you

Combining music with story time – we can’t think of a better duo! Ask a question, then everyone takes turns choosing a song that resonates with them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Choose a song that reminds you of your first holiday.

• Pick a song that represents a significant moment in your life.

• If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

GO BIG TIP: Be sure to explain why you chose the song – everyone wants to know! 

Taking steps to be safe when using a fire pit or setting up a campfire is paramount.

Embrace the warmth, safely

Gathering around an open fire is a fantastic and unforgettable experience, but it comes with responsibilities.

Before igniting the flames, it's essential that you’re prepared to enjoy the warmth and ambience of outdoor fires while prioritising safety. Here are some additional tips to ensure you’re taking the right steps to enjoy your campfire this season.

• Be sure to check local regulations and fire bans before lighting a campfire. Check with the park to ensure there are no bans in effect in case you’re not sure.

• Choose an area away from overhanging branches and dry grass.

• Ensure you have a solid fire foundation (that’s where the ‘campfire how-to’ comes in!)

• Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for fast extinguishment if needed!

• Never leave your campfire unattended.

• Educate children on fire safety and involve them in safe practices from a young age.

GO BIG TIP: Create a 'fire safety scavenger hunt' for children to search for potential fire hazards in the outdoor environment, making learning about safety fun and interactive.

Everyone loves a campfire.

All set to create your own sizzling campfire experiences this winter? We certainly hope so!

There are plenty of BIG4 parks that permit campfires across Australia. Check out the full list here and start planning your winter escape today.

You can also discover the full range of Samba products here to ensure you have all the tools you need to heat up your holidays! 

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