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The key to fishing in Inverloch

Whether taking the boat out on treasure-filled Anderson Inlet or fishing from the shore, Inverloch offers versatility for anglers of all levels. Inverloch is a seaside resort in Victoria’s Gippsland region that boasts an enviable location: spotted at the mouth of Anderson Inlet in Venus Bay. The town’s relaxing vibe ensures it’s the perfect place to dangle a line when on holidays. BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Inverloch reveals its top tips from the local fishing form guide.

Take the boat out in Anderson Inlet and you're sure to land a catch.

It’s easy to be enthused about fishing in Inverloch – there is so much choice, both in what to catch and where to try your luck. While boating is a popular option, it’s not essential to getting a bite in this area. There are great shore and surf fishing spots to take advantage of in Inverloch, and this leisure activity can be fruitful year round.

In a game of word association with a keen angler, the word ‘Inverloch’ would more than likely produce the response ‘Anderson Inlet’. Australia’s most southerly mangrove habitat is bursting with an abundance of fish that includes a wealth of varieties. Among the many are mullet, trevally, King George whiting, flathead, salmon, bream, and gummy shark.

Two boat ramps are available for launching in Anderson Inlet; one at Inverloch and another at nearby Mahers Landing. If you don’t have your own vessel, boat hire and fishing charters are available. It is possible to land a catch from the shore around the inlet, but success largely depends on favourable tides.

Inverloch suits anglers of all levels and offers a wealth of reliable fishing spots.

Elsewhere, Main Surf Beach is a great family fishing spot and it yields trevally, King George whiting, salmon, and gummy sharks among other varieties. Fishing at Screw Creek is another rewarding option, with bream and estuary perch the leading varieties to catch here. Inverloch Jetty is often a hive of activity and is well-suited to families and inexperienced anglers.

When it comes to bait, locals will tell you that the most reliable options year round are pipis and squid.

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Inverloch is beautifully positioned for enjoying fishing, as it’s centrally located. We have a wide range of accommodation to choose from and would love to see you soon.

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