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Moruya Heads is an angler’s paradise

Take ample opportunity to land a catch in Moruya Heads and combine it with the superb facilities and location of BIG4 Easts Dolphin Beach Holiday Park, and you have the dream spot for anglers. The team at BIG4 Easts Dolphin Beach has put together a great guide for those fishing in Moruya Heads.
Evidence: Fishing at Moruya Heads has its rewards.

Moruya Heads is the perfect place for a fishing adventure when you’re on holidays. It is ideally located opposite the beach, Moruya River is only minutes up the road, and the variety of fish you can catch is extravagant. In addition, many of the top-notch fishing spots are just a hop, skip, and a jump from our holiday park. Here are a few key options.

Dolphin Beach: Perch yourself next to our holiday park in a gutter, or try Pedro Point, which is a short walk up the beach. While flathead, bream, and whiting are on offer year round, they are less noticeable in winter. Use beach worms, squid, or prawns for bait; lure spinning is also productive. Salmon is a great target in winter and a lot of fun to try to catch from the beach. A gang hook with pilchards for bait is recommended; so too are lures at high speed in the gutters.

Moruya River: Preddys Wharf (or from the bank) is a great spot to try to catch bream, whiting, flathead, mullet, garfish, trevally, and luderick. Shelly's Beach is also reliable; just up the beach at the break wall is the perfect place. If in a boat, drift along the flats on the north side or along the wall on the south side. Jigging with plastics is very productive. Anchor near or just inside the ‘hole in the wall’, about 200m from Preddys Wharf boat ramp, and you’ll likely attract bream and flathead (small boats only). Upstream near the hospital is a good area for larger flathead. 

Offshore: Straight in front of our holiday park is a very good spot to try your luck; you don't have to go far from the river mouth. Try down from Dolphin Beach in 50m-60m waters off Pedro Point and Congo. Flathead, snapper, mulloway, kingfish, leatherjackets, tailor, and salmon are all nearby and waiting.

Preddys Wharf at Moruya River is another prime fishing spot.

If you want to land a catch, the easiest way to get your bait is at the shop at BIG4 Easts Dolphin Beach Holiday Park. We stock a wide range of bait that allows you to target the local fish.

In fact, our park strongly caters to anglers in so many ways. We have ample parking for boats and are only 2.3km to the boat ramp at Preddys Wharf.

The park’s shop not only has ample bait, but it also stocks ice and a small range of tackle. Our friendly staff will assist you with all your fishing enquires and put you where the fish are biting.

In addition, our camp kitchen features outdoor and indoor barbecues. And the recreation room is a great place to relax after that fantastic day’s fishing and to share all your stories. Come and pay us a visit soon at BIG4 Easts Dolphin Beach Holiday Park. Happy fishing!

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