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Road signs you’ll only see in Australia

For endless reminders that you are definitely, utterly, absolutely, most certainly in Australia, jump in the car and start road trippin’.

Along the way you’ll pass a plethora of roadside signs - from the wacky to the ‘what the?’ to the wild (life) - that you’ll only stumble across when in this fine nation of ours.

How many of these road signs have you spotted on your travels?

There are plenty of uniquely Australian road signs.

Wow! Australia sure has a lot of wildlife. At least those echidnas don't stray too far from their homes.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for the flat-nosed wombat. Who knows what those crazy cats are capable of?

You’ll see signs for clog-wearing, hitch-hiking koalas.

And even those elusive albino ones.

Much of this wildlife sticks together. For long distances.

And when this happens, there can be a lot to remember.

If you see this sign outside of Tasmania, you might want to call someone.

And in the outback, prepare for a humpy ride.

Meanwhile, in northern Queensland you could come across this.

Yep, they have a sense of humour in these parts.

Sometimes, though, what you’re meant to be looking out for has to be spelled out to you.

Those Mallee fowls are nowhere near as obedient as emus.

Some Australian road signs can seem misleading.

And others leave you questioning the road sign creator’s level of commitment and creativity.

In that case, it’s best to make your own.

Crikey! Some Australian road signs inspire so much enthusiasm. 

And others prove costly to ignore.

Self-driven trucks have to be extra vigilant.

However, in some areas, we all need to take a closer look.

And let’s not get started on the big smoke. Here, it can be downright confusing.

Yep, those Australian road signs are full of interest and intrigue.

To finish with, we’ve saved the most disturbing one for you. Maybe it’s just us, but we thought it would be best if all road users knew this handy tip well before they reached this stretch of road.

Happy travels for your next road trip.

What’s the most amusing or unusual road sign that you’ve seen? Please let us know on our Facebook page or tag us in your Instagram pics.

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