BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park
Perth, WA

Terms & Conditions for Travelling with Pets

Pets are welcome on tourist van sites and tent sites only subject to the conditions described below.

No pets of any kind are allowed in accommodation units unless you travel with a Guide Dog, Hearing Dog or Assistance Dog. Documentation is required. Companion dogs or pets are not permitted.

Dogs, excluding those over 1.2 m in height, are allowed into the park, provided they are not aggressive or bark repeatedly. Cats or birds are permitted provided they are kept inside a van or within an annex and secured at all times. Normally 1-2 pets are allowed per booking, however, in some circumstances we may allow 3 small pets.

Conditions of entry and stay:

1. Customers travelling with pets must inform the Park about details of their pet(s) at the time of booking. Please call 08 92743002 if you placed an online booking. The Manager/Reception Staff must inspect pets at arrival. Pets that are clearly docile both with the owner and strangers will be allowed into the Park. BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park reserves the right not to allow customers with pets that are aggressive or loud. If the pet is refused entry, a full refund will be provided.
2. Guests with pets creating a nuisance during their stay will have to leave the Park immediately; no refund will be provided for early departures.
3. A bond is not required. Guests are responsible for their pets during their stay at the Park. Dogs must be on leash all the time. Pets must be supervised at all times and never left unattended including inside a tent or van.
4. For health and safety reasons pets are not allowed in any common areas of the park including, pool areas, games/recreation room, camp kitchen, amenities, laundry, reception.
5. For health and safety reasons pets must not be washed or cleaned anywhere within the park.
6. The open grassed area next to van sites 119-122 can be used for dog walking/training provided this does not disturb other guests.
7. Pet owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog’s or pet’s waste, in a sealed ‘doggy do’ plastic bag and disposed of in rubbish bins.  Disposable bags are available from the Reception/Laundry.
8. Pet owners are personally responsible, and will be held to be so, for any and all personal injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions by or because of their pet.