Acclaim Gateway Tourist Park
Norseman, WA

Terms & Conditions for Travelling with Pets

Acclaim Gateway Tourist Park is pet friendly, though pet owners must comply with conditions set out in our pet policy with rules including;
  • No pets are allowed in cabins (service and therapy pets require documentation). Some parks have pet-friendly accommodation. Please enquire when booking.
  • Pets must be restrained (kept on a lead, in a cage, etc.)
  • You must always clean up after your dog
  • Pets are not to be tied up or sleep in cars
  • Do not allow your pet to cause excessive noise or display antisocial behaviour
  • You may not use park washers and dryers for pet bedding
  • Pets are not allowed in park laundries or ablution blocks

We regret we are unable to permit large dogs or dogs of a breed that may cause other guests to experience anxiety or fear for their safety. For this reason, breeds such as Rottweilers and Pit Bull Terriers are expressly forbidden in the Park.

The Manager reserves the right to ask any guest with a pet to leave immediately if the above rules are not complied with or the pet is causing a nuisance.