BIG4 Aireys Inlet
Aireys Inlet, VIC

Communal Fire Pit

Gather around our communal fire pit on the Great Ocean Road for warmth, camaraderie, and storytelling. It's more than just a gathering—it's where friendships are made.

As the sun dips below the horizon along the Great Ocean Road, our communal fire pit becomes a hub of warmth and camaraderie. Here, travellers gather to unwind after a day of beach adventures or scenic drives, exchanging more than just stories—it's a chance to make new friends and share valuable camping tips.

But it's not just about the stories; it's about the connections forged around the fire. As campers from near and far come together, bonds are formed over shared passions and mutual appreciation for the beauty of this remarkable coastline.

So pull up a seat, toast a marshmallow, and join us by the fire pit. It's more than just a gathering—it's a chance to create memories and friendships that will last long after the embers have faded.


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