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Central Deborah Gold Mine

At Central Deborah Gold Mine you have the unique opportunity to descend underground and explore a real gold mine that successfully operated during the gold rush boom, extracting 929 kilograms of gold.

How far underground will you go 61, 85 or 228 metres?

Mine Experience Tour, 61 metres underground, 75 minutes Explore the honeycomb of underground tunnels and discover what conditions as a miner were really like during the harsh gold rush era. Wheelchair accessible. For ages three and over.

Underground Adventure Tour, 85 metres underground, 2.5 hours: Calling all adventure seekers. Gear up in overalls, boots, miner’s hat and lamp. Climb ladders, work a drill and enjoy a traditional miner's lunch served underground. For ages eight and over.

Nine Levels of Darkness, 228 metres underground, 3.5 hours: Are you brave enough to descend underground in the original miners' cage on Australia's deepest underground mine tour? Climb down the shaft, work a drill, set a charge and enjoy a traditional miners lunch 228 metres underground. This is the ultimate gold mining experience to add to your bucket list. For ages 14 and over.


5443 8322


76 Violet Street, Bendigo, Victoria, 3550

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