BIG4 Cape Jervis Accommodation & Caravan Park
Cape Jervis, SA

Terms & Conditions for Travelling with Pets

  • The dog must be leashed at all times whilst not in your van, tent or accommodation.
  • The dog must be supervised at all times and never left unattended.
  • For health and safety reasons dogs are not allowed in any common areas of the Park - this includes cafe, camp kitchen, playgrounds, reception and any public area.
  • For health and safety reasons dogs must not be washed or cleaned anywhere within the park.
  • Dogs may only be walked in the designated areas of the park.
  • Dog owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their dogs or pets waste.
  • Dog owners are personally responsible, and will be held to be so, for any and all personal injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions by or because of their dog or pet.
  • The dog owner must agree that the park owner/ manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive and aggressive or the subject of complaints from other guests.