BIG4 Barham
Barham, NSW

Terms & Conditions for Travelling with Pets

Pet Policy and Agreement
BIG4 Barham is a “Pet Friendly” park and allows dogs all year round.
To ensure that you and all our other guests enjoy their stay we must ensure that all dog owners take full responsibility for their pet without causing disturbance to other guests when on site.
Please read the below information to ensure you and your dog can meet the required conditions.
  • Dogs will be approved at Managements discretion prior to arrival at the park, so please contact the park in advance to discuss your pet’s suitability.
  • Dogs are permitted on all powered, unpowered, and en-suite sites and in our designated pet friendly cabins.
  • As Pet Friendly Cabins are limited it is essential to contact the park to make a booking.
  • Dogs are not permitted in or around NON DOG friendly Cabins or in any communal areas such as the camp kitchen, amenities block, pool area or the children’s playground.
  • Bookings in Pet Friendly cabins will incur a $10.00 per night charge for the animal.
  • $100.00 bond to be paid for all pet friendly cabins even if the dog remains outside or is caged. Bond is refundable once the cabin has been checked
  • Owners in Pet Friendly cabins must not allow dogs to sleep on beds or couches.
  • Any incidence of dogs fouling in cabins must be immediately cleaned up and Management notified of the event.
  • Dogs must be supervised and never left unattended on sites or in cabins. You go out the dog goes with you.
  • When in the Park, your dog must be kept on a leash and under control of a responsible adult.
  • Owners are responsible for immediate clean-up after their dog, and faeces must be wrapped or bagged before placing in appropriate bins around the park.
  • For Health and Safety reasons dogs, and any related accessories such as dog beds or blankets are not to be washed within the park facilities e.g., in the laundry washing machines or troughs or the amenities.
  • As the dog’s owner whether you expressly agree or not, you assume all responsibility for any property damage and/or personal injuries to any guest or staff member.
  • You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Barham Holiday Park, its owners and operators from all liability and damage suffered because of your dog.
  • Management reserve the right to evict guests and dogs (without refund) that are deemed noisy, disruptive, aggressive, or that are the subject of complaints from other guests.