Ingenia Holidays Old Bar Beach
Old Bar, NSW

Terms & Conditions for Travelling with Pets

Ingenia Holidays endeavours to provide our visitors and guests with a relaxing holiday experience. In line with this, we have developed a policy specifically for the keeping of pets in the park which must be adhered to at all times. By doing so, we can ensure that pet owners and non-pet owners have their individual interested respected.
  • All pets must be council registered and checked in at Reception upon arrival.
  • Owners are responsible of disposing of all pet waste appropriately - bags are provided.
  • For health and safety reasons pets are not allowed in any communal areas or park facilities under any circumstances.
  • Pets are not permitted inside any cabin accommodation.
  • Pets must never be left unattended and must be on the secure leash when you are not in your tent or caravan.
  • Pets may only be walked on sealed Park roadways on a short leash with the Ingenia Holidays identification tag clearly displayed at all times.
  • Dogs are not permitted to swim in an Ingenia Holidays Park pools, wet playground or lagoon.
  • Pets must not interfere with other guests’ and residents’ quiet enjoyment: barking or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated at any time and will result in instant departure without refund of site fees.