Get to know those who tow! 10 great gift ideas for caravanners

Birthday. Christmas. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Just because.

There’s always a reason to give a gift to a loved one, even those people who are ‘hard to buy for’. If your gift recipient is a caravanner, we can make the task easier.

The team at BIG4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff, Victoria compiled this fantastic list of gift ideas for caravanners. These suggestions came from those in the know: caravan-loving park guests.

If you’re stuck for a great gift, simply check out these super suggestions…

Camping essentials, such as a first aid kit, make a great present - add some chocolates and it's the perfect mix of practicality and fun.

1. Unbreakable cups and plates

Not only are these environmentally friendly but they are safe and easy to pack for holidays, picnics, and the beach without having to worry about broken glass. There are even floating cups on the market for your water-loving friends and family.

2. Wine glass spikes

Scenario: it’s time to relax on a beautiful evening outside the caravan with your favourite drink, but there is nowhere to put the wine glass! The ground is uneven, and holding the glass for too long makes its contents warm. Solution: wine spikes that are poked into the ground, or clips that attach to the chair or plate. Perfect!

3. Care package of camping essentials

Show loved ones that you care by protecting them. Consider including a first-aid kit, gumboots, sunblock, insect repellent, hand sanitiser, baby wipes (where applicable), and after-sun cream. Plus a few chocolates and maybe a sneaky bottle of wine will never go amiss.

Your friends and family can enjoy relaxing with their favourite magazine on their next holiday with the gift of a subscription.

4. A subscription to their favourite magazine

Let your friends and family truly enjoy the downtime that comes with a holiday by reading their favourite magazine. The best thing about a subscription gift is that it can be enjoyed at several holiday times throughout the year.

5. A portable barbecue

The perfect gift all year round, for all locations! It won’t matter if your gift recipient is in their caravan, on a picnic, or at the beach, they will love being able to whip up a tasty lunch or dinner at any time. Grill up the catch of the day or whip up sausages and steak. Delicious!

A portable barbecue allows your gift recipient to cook up delicious meals no matter where they may be.

6. A torch or solar-powered lantern

Never lose your way back to the caravan again with a torch or lantern. They also provide hours of fun for the kids to play spotlight after dark, or to tell spooky camping stories with.

7. A pegless clothesline

Fixed between two points by suction cups or bungee cords, this is the ideal way to dry your clothes at a holiday park. Simply tuck the fabric into the cord of these ingenious clotheslines. No pegs required!

8. Folding chairs

No family holiday is complete without chatting to friends (old and new) by your caravan in the holiday park. Keep comfortable while you chat with a great folding chair. It can then be folded up and taken to the beach so you don’t have to sit in the sand. There are even double folding chairs on the market, which make the perfect camping couch.

A good folding chair is a camping must-have - why not give the gift of comfort?

9. Bug swatters

One downside to the great outdoors are bugs. Your friends and family will combat this with fly swatters. Grab a novelty shaped swatter or even an electrified one for a unique, fun gift.

A novelty-shaped fly swatter will provide laughs and an insect-free environment.

10. A stay at their favourite caravan spot

The best gift of all is the gift of a holiday. Shout your loved ones a night or two away at their favourite resort or caravan park. Remove the organisation process for them and book ahead, or if you don’t know their ideal dates, BIG4 gift vouchers are the perfect choice.


What gift have you given or received that’s perfect for a caravanner? We’d love to know your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

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Originally published by BIG4 Beacon Resort as ‘Christmas Present Ideas for Caravanners’.

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2 comments on “Get to know those who tow! 10 great gift ideas for caravanners”

  1. Kerrie Chipperfield

    16 February 2017 at 5:02 pm

    Tupperware! It is the best gift I purchased for myself. I use Modular Mates (along with many other products) in my caravan and can’t live without them, I can keep all of my food fresh always as these Tupperware containers are air & liquid tight (no spills, no leaks), it means I can also leave the food containers in my van ready for the next trip knowing the food will be as fresh as the day it was put there. It also means I don’t have the extra packaging (great for free campers, no rubbish on the road) the food is in Tupperware and the packaging is off to be recycled. Pest’s can’t get into the containers either. Another bonus is they are very light weight which is a must for the Caravan when considering your overall weight. With the different shapes and sizes you can find the perfect size for any space. Love it!

  2. sara

    15 September 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I’m glad you included notes. Some families are really strapped for cash, especially if they have multiple kids (meaning multiple teachers), but everyone can write a note! It’s nice to hear that it means so much to teachers. Tanks for sharing.

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