Revealed. Your worst holiday habits

Holidays can be crammed with bad habits.

None of us is immune. Whether we admit or not, we’re all likely to have some horrible holiday habits.

They’re the things we do despite being told we shouldn’t. Or knowing we shouldn’t.

Through our Facebook page, we recently asked the BIG4 family to reveal their worst holiday habits. And there were plenty of holidaymakers willing to fess up…

Which path would you take?

It seems a few of us have a problem with packing

‘I always pack too much. I'm a ‘just in case’ kinda gal.’
– Michelle

‘No matter how organised we are before leaving, we always forget something important.’
– Kylie

‘Packing too much.’
– Jane

Glenys was only going for a weekend away with friends...

‘I overpack.’
– Roxanne

‘Overpacking. My mum always, every holiday, packs something sharp in her carry-on by mistake.’
– Stace

‘Wife packing the kitchen sink, and everything that goes with it, and never using any of it.’
– Simon

Leave the kitchen sink at home. We have plenty of them.

And overindulgence is a common issue

‘Eating and drinking too much.’
– Yannita

‘Eating chocolate every night when the kids are in bed.’
– Jo

‘Eating too much ice cream. (We get) ice cream from every ice cream shop in every place we visit!’
– Rosalie

The modern traveller's forbidden apple: Ice cream.

‘Overpacking and overeating.’
– Nicole

‘Spending so much money on food.’
– Tiffy

We've all been guilty of overeating or spending too much on food. I mean this was just afternoon tea for goodness sake.


‘Taking the kayaks away on every holiday, but they are yet to feel the water!’
– Karissa

And how was the kayaking? Great. Just great. So how have you been?

The ‘we doubt you’re alone’ category

‘Snoring. In fact, loud snoring. This is caused by happy hour going way too long, and that extra glass of red just adds to the problem.’

– Terry

We don't require an expensive study to tell us that alcohol and snoring are good friends.

Did you say a bad habit?

‘I have started to do ‘click and collect’ for our groceries. Oh, and drinkies. What a breeze that is.’
– Linda

‘I bring my hammock to every camping trip. I have a bad habit of literally spending all my time in it!’
– Michelle

And this is a problem?

Regrets? I’ve had a few

‘Thinking I’m home and using my caravan water like it will never run out. I never realised how much water I used until I ran out!’
– Zarah

‘I always go overboard buying new clothes for holidays and then can’t fit everything in the cupboards when we get back.’
– Shauna

Spot the shopper whose just booked a holiday. Dead giveaway.

‘Not being able to stay longer.’
– Margaret

‘Getting back home and realising we left something behind. Every time.’
– Melanie

Not for the first time, Astro watched the back of the van disappear into the distance.

A no win-no win situation

‘Getting yelled at if I help direct the camper in, or if I don’t! Can never win that one!’
– Kate

And in response to the above comment…

‘I know the feeling there. I now walk away. Me and hubby have a mutual agreement now (that) he can do it himself, as we end up fighting.’
– Zarah

Get out here. Go for a walk. Come back when the van is safely parked.

You said it

‘Honestly? Not shaving my legs for weeks. Dead set look like a lumberjack before I whip out the chainsaw to trim those beauties!’
– Wanderlust Australia

What has this glorious cabin view got to do with shaving? Absolutely nothing. Enjoy.

Just book it

‘Planning what could be an amazing time away and then never actually booking time away.’
– Kelly

Pens down, iPads on. It's time to book that break.

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