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Common caravan-park myths busted

We’ve heard it all before…

You can’t do this; you can’t do that. Caravan parks are stuck in the 80s.

Well, we can’t speak for all brands out there, but we’re pretty chuffed with how far our parks have come.

We’re about to bust some myths to demonstrate the exciting evolution.

And btw, that’s holiday parks, thank you. Not caravan parks.  

Let's see how far we've come. Location: BIG4 Sandstone Point, QLD.

They’re only for families or grey nomads

Sure, young families and retirees love to stay with us. And with a wealth of handy amenities and entertainment and a relaxing, communal vibe at their fingertips, what’s not to like?

But our parks are constantly innovating and evolving to deliver widespread appeal for all ages and interests.

Cocktails by the pool here, an on-site brewery there. A retro diner one day, an adventure ropes course the next.

And cute and cosy accommodation to go along with it all. 

This. Inside a holiday park. Location: BIG4 Conway Beach, Whitsundays, QLD.               

By cute and cosy, you mean a caravan?

We do still hear this from time to time: You need a van – or a tent – to stay at a holiday park.

We can’t argue that there are caravans of all shapes and sizes in our parks. Heck, these days you can even stay in a retro van that’s permanently on site or hire one to be there when you arrive.

And pitching a tent remains a park staple, too.

That’s only part of the story, though. BIG4 parks have a massive variety of cabin accommodation for singles, couples, and groups.

Come for a visit. Caravan optional. Location: BIG4 Maroochy River, Maroochydore, QLD.

Ok, but the cabins are basic, right?

Wrong again, sunshine. Most parks have a generous assortment of cabin accommodation that has evolved over time – and which differs greatly from park to park.

There are villas, cottages, multi-level townhouses, and even huge houses and other unique options. The range is extraordinary.

However, you can still access some pretty basic setups if that’s what you’re after.

Raise the roof, there's cabins for all. Location: BIG4 Deniliquin, NSW.

Surely you wouldn’t go for a romantic weekend away?

Well…have you seen our glamping tents?! Some are next-level lux.

They’re armed with creature comforts and cute extras like bar fridges, claw baths, and private decks.

There’s even glamping pods and these things called glamtainers.

And some of those cabins we mentioned before – well, they’re sure to wow the other half.

Yeh, your partner would hate this. Location: BIG4 Sandstone Point, QLD.

You have to travel ages to reach a park

In select cases, several BIG4 parks take some time to reach. Those who really want to get away from it all love that about us. Here’s just one example.

Mostly, though, you’ll find somewhere to stay that’s a comfortable drive from all state capitals and the country’s biggest regional centres – as well as within them.

And these parks have nabbed prime land in some of the best locations in Australia.

There are loads planted overlooking the beach, or at least nearby. Others are riverside or with an enviable lakefront setting. Some are backdropped by a national park or next to botanical gardens.

And many are within walking distance of town or only a short drive away.

Riverside parks? We have a few. Location: BIG4 Renmark Riverfront, SA.

Food at holiday parks is terrible

Granted, you’re probably not going to a holiday park for a hatted dining experience. But you shouldn’t feel as if you’re eating cardboard all weekend, either.

We do need to make it clear that, in many cases, you’ll have to head out of the park to be fed, or you can bring your own food. We have camp kitchens, BBQs, and cabins suitable for cooking.

However, there is a growing trend at BIG4 parks to feature on-site food vans and coffee carts; some permanent, others seasonal or open on weekends.

Select parks have on-site cafés or restaurants. And we did mention that brewery, right?

With a ton of options at your doorstep – including those vibrant weekend farmers’ markets – your tastebuds should be happy with a BIG4 stay.

Did we tell you about the in-park brewery? Location: BIG4 Wallaga Lake, Bermagui, NSW.

All holiday parks are the same

This is definitively false. All BIG4 parks are individually owned and operated, so there is wide variety among them all.

In our case, BIG4 parks are united by a high standard of accommodation and facilities, cleanliness, and excellence in customer service. But they certainly look different from one to another.

In fact, this variation can cause confusion. So, now, our parks fall into three distinct categories that make it easier for guests to find the right park for them. You can read more here.

Same same, but different. Location: BIG4 Saltwater @ Yamba, NSW. Credit: @happynessphotography.

They’re not inclusive

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet again (ok, that’s a lie), but BIG4 parks pride themselves on innovations that are all-encompassing.

For starters, there are plenty of accessible cabins. One even has a lift that reaches its amazing SkyDeck lounge area.

And in a first for holiday parks in Australia, a handful of BIG4s have created sensory rooms specifically dedicated to guests on the autism spectrum.

Let’s not stop there.

There's even a lift to access the SkyDeck at BIG4 Bright, VIC.

I can’t bring my dog

We’ve arguably left the biggest myth of all to the tail of this yarn (hehe). Contrary to the thoughts of many, dish lickers are indeed welcome at plenty of BIG4 parks.

In fact, at last count, more than 70% of our parks were officially rated as pet-friendly.

We love dogs!!

Acceptance varies from park to park. Some welcome dogs only on caravan and camping sites while others have dedicated pet-friendly cabins.

More excitingly, several BIG4 parks have amazing canine-centric facilities like off-leash agility areas, dog washes, and even pet-minding services.

So, yes, you can bring your dog.

Don't worry, mate: You can stay. Location: BIG4 Gold Coast, QLD.

Where to now?

It’s time to find a BIG4 holiday park just right for your next getaway! See where we’re located all over Australia right here.

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