Backing a winner! Handy holiday hints from you, our readers

You’re the voice.

No, this isn’t a John Farnham appreciation group. Rather, this is a celebration of you, our readers, and your handy holiday hacks.

You may recall that we recently featured an Explore Your Options promotion where we invited you to share your best tips for first-time travellers, or just for holidaying in general.

As part of that, we received a bunch of tips that are much better than those you’d pick up at the local racetrack. Check them out below…

It's time to spell out some terrific tips...

“Take along baby powder for the beach. It helps dry the moisture and gets the sand off in all the nooks and crannies, which makes a visit to the beach much more enjoyable.”

– Fiona G

“Always put a tarp under the base of your tent when setting up; it will protect the tent and prolong its life.”

– Sue K

“Always pack dinner for the first night. There’s nothing better than setting up and having a home-cooked meal ready to go with a cold drink of choice.”

– Melinda R

A tarp under the tent is a top tip.

“Research the area you're travelling to before you leave home. Tourism websites and your friendly BIG4 Facebook page are a great starting point to discover the best places to eat, sight-see, and play!”

– Debby D

“Glowsticks! They come in handy for so many things! Pop them around your tent pegs so no-one is tripping over ropes in the dark. Make each of the kids a colour-coded wrist band out of them, then you can not only see where they are in the dark but also distinguish who is who.”

– Joe T

We don't want to rave on, but glowsticks are the way to go.

“Make a list of everything you think you will need, and once you leave home embrace the adventure!”

– Rosan O

“... my tip would be make sure you take a tap fitting for when you connect to their water, just in case. We had to run around looking for one on our first night.”

– Allison R

Spare keys can come in handy. Be sure to have them.

“Always be prepared for anything. Keep your stuff stored in clip containers; wildlife is everywhere. Always zip your tent up and keep your campsite clean, so if there is a storm or heavy winds, it's easy to keep everything together ...”

– Vicky C

Some say wombat, others say vulture. Keep your gear stored in case you stumble across thieving wildlife.

“... don't pack the kitchen sink, don't overfill your boot, don't crowd your itinerary. Allow for some flexibility, remember it's a holiday, so ensure sufficient tranquillity!”

– Sofronios E

The kitchen sink - leave it at home. But make room for that capsicum - the red ones are expensive and shouldn't go to waste.

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