Google it! What visitors think of your home

All is revealed about Australia in cyberspace.

There is nowhere to hide.

Thanks to the behemoth that is Google, we can easily determine people’s impressions, thoughts, opinions, and concerns about anything and everything via its suggested search tool.

Start typing 'Sydney is...' or 'why is Adelaide...' and it can reveal some interesting search suggestions. So, we decided to compile a list of common searches relating to a raft of Australian towns, cities, regions, and states.

The following all make the top 10 most popular Google search results for their respective locations. And they make for entertaining reading!

Google reveals plenty of interesting insights.

What state rivalries?

Is Sydney in Victoria?

Is Queensland in NSW?

NSW. QLD. Same thing. Credit: Destination NSW

Who’s more offended by this?

Is the Sunshine Coast the Gold Coast?

Is Byron Bay in the Gold Coast?

Is this the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast or Byron Bay? Who can tell?

Radelaide. Bigger than Texas

Is Adelaide a country?


Is Melbourne a suburb?

Melbourne. The world's most liveable suburb.


Is Hobart part of Australia?

Is Perth in Australia?

We can confirm that Hobart is definitely in Australia. So is Perth.

Good question!

Why is Mount Gambier Blue Lake blue?

Why is Ballarat called Ballarat?

Why is Launceston colder than Hobart?

Yeh, why are you so blue?

Touchy subject

Does Tasmania have an AFL team?

What does a unicorn have in common with Tassie's AFL team? Neither exists.

Explain yourself, Alice!

Why is Alice Springs important?


Is Uluru man made?

Welcome to Uluru Land. Roller-coasters are out back.

Sydney scores!

Why is Sydney better than Melbourne?

Melbourne equalises!

Why is Melbourne more liveable than Sydney?

Sydney celebrates positive Google search results really hard.

It’s a mutual thing

Why does Brisbane hate (former English cricketer) Kevin Pietersen?

What's not to like, Kevvie?

What?! Of course it does!

Does Adelaide Zoo have pandas?

Wang Wang and Fu Ni have rock star-like status in Adelaide. Credit: SATC

First we’ve heard of it

Does it snow in Wollongong?

Does a bear find relief in the woods?

Is Darwin hot?

Darwin. Hot, yes. Beautiful, definitely.

Clearly the place to be

Is Caloundra RSL open today?

Beautiful sunsets go begging in Caloundra, beaten by the allure of $2 schooners and $5 steak and chips at the local RSL.

You can’t just lump all these SA wine regions together

Is McLaren Vale in the Barossa Valley?

Um. We didn’t know it was

Why is Cairns pronounce(d) Cannes?

The setting for the world-famous Cairns Film Festival.

Did we miss the memo?

Is Ballina an island?

Is Canberra coastal?

Is Airlie Beach on Hamilton Island?

No man is an island, and neither is Ballina.

Has someone been Googling themselves?

Why Western Australia is best

Admittedly, WA is pretty cool.

Hello? Penguins, beaches, surfing, chocolate factory, blah blah.

Is Phillip Island worth it?

Stairway to heaven. Of course it's worth it.

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