Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Have you got your Valentine's Day under control yet?

You’ve been giving serious consideration to packing up the 2017 Christmas tree, when before you know it. BOOM. It’s Valentine’s Day 2018.

It’s a day that creeps up on you, and if you haven’t developed some sort of annual routine with your gift-buying game, you can end up in some serious trouble. And don’t even think about trotting out that “Valentine’s Day is just an American hand-me-down”, excuse if you’ve forgotten. That old chestnut will only make it worse. Like Halloween, the kerb, cook-outs, Burger King, Starbucks and New York Fries – it’s here to stay, so you better get used to it.

Here’s a gift buying guide for those who want a memorable Valentine’s Day.

A BIG4 gift card is the gift that keeps on giving.

1: Buy a BIG4 membership or gift card

Yes, this is unashamedly an ad for BIG4. But you’ll be thanking us later. Think about it. Nothing generates a closer, more loving or romantic encounter than time alone with your loved one in a tent, or cabin at a classic location.

Ditch the expensive candlelit degustation, over-priced sav-blanc, and $175 for 12 long-stemmed roses, and pitch a tent instead. Be together, build the connection, get back to earth. Top it off with a quality white wine and fish and chips. Remember to look at the stars.

Note: A two-year membership is just $50, and you’ll save from the minute you start using it. 

Click here to order a gift card, and here for a membership.

It doesn't get any more romantic than this.

2: Just book a stay somewhere

Release that wild buckaroo inside, throw a dart at a map and pick a spot within two hours of home. Ring the nearest BIG4 Holiday Park and book a stay.

Pick somewhere you’ve never been. Pick a local restaurant in this town and book a table for two for dinner. Stop on the way and grab some wild flowers growing naturally. Don’t fancy the restaurants? Great. Grab a bottle of the local wine and two glasses, grab some cheese, avocado, dips, olives and prosciutto – a big, warm blanket, and find a quiet corner of the park, or nearby lookout. Enjoy.

Try and be spontaneous – your partner will love it (or hate it) but we suspect they’ll most likely love it.

This is how you do flowers on Valentine's Day.

3: Generic gift idea

Now that we’ve exhausted the BIG4 Holiday Parks gift shop, we can move onto generic gift ideas, and this is a beauty. Buy your loved one the gift this American event was founded upon: chocolates and/or flowers.

How Valentine’s Day morphed from basic salutations and gestures of love into expensive, multi-layered productions that go viral on Instagram is rather worrying – so we propose you strip it back, and keep it real. Flowers or chocolates with a hand-written card, but make sure the flowers and choccies are good quality. Actually, buy both. You only live once.

Tip: Buy your flowers a couple of days early – it will save some serious dollars (which you can repurpose towards a BIG4 membership).

Take the romance next level with a fire, red wine and marshmallows.

4: Toasted marshmallows and red wine

Let’s face it, is there anything more romantic that an open fire, long silences whilst you stare into each other’s eyes, and a soft, acoustic-heavy playlist gently unwinding in the background?

Indeed, there is. Marshmallows and red wine. You’ve gone to all the effort of deciding a beautiful setting for this annual declaration of love, so why not go the extra yard and buy some marshmallows, a decent Barossa Shiraz, and toast a few marshmallows over the coals in a BIG4 Holiday Park?

Tip: Make sure you let the marshmallows cool for a minute before engulfing them if you prefer not to have third-degree burns on your palate or tongue.

Book a stay your partner will enjoy.

5: Book a surprise getaway (then cook a decent dinner)

Stick to your guns and avoid falling into the Valentine’s Day trap if you like, but you can still make it special by booking a getaway at some point in the future.

Be the king of the Arabian Desert by staying in safari tents on offer throughout our holiday park network, rediscover your Alby Mangels with an adventure through the Red Centre, or get comfy by the pool in a resort park.

Surprise your partner with this gift whilst you work your Masterchef magic at home. The stay will be something you look forward to together, long after those super-pricey roses have found their way to the green waste bin.

Connecting is the key in all relationships. And a decent sunrise helps too.

Share with us your far more impressive gift ideas, and your favourite Valentine's Day getaways.

Be sure to book your BIG4 romantic getaway soon. 

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