Simply saving: 7 effective energy-saving tips around the home

Light bulb moment: These top tips can help you save.

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, conserving energy has never been so important.

So, our friends at Simply Energy put together this collection of handy hints to help you reduce your energy bills.

And while these tips are even more relevant during this period of enforced isolation, they are useful at any time. Some are even valuable when it comes time to travel again.

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1. Check your fridge and freezer settings

While fridges and freezers are essential home appliances, they are among the biggest users of energy. To help save on your power bills, it’s recommended that you set your fridge to between 3-5 degrees Celsius and freezers to minus 15 degrees.

And if you have a second fridge or freezer that is used irregularly, consider turning it off while not in use. It’s a simple way to save.

Note your fridge and freezer settings and adjust to recommended levels.

2. Create slow cooker or pressure cooker meals

Ovens are notorious energy guzzlers, so that point is worth remembering when it comes to meal planning.

Slow cookers or pressure cookers are great alternatives for creating tasty meals, as these appliances are much more energy efficient than most ovens.

Slow cookers are a great alternative to ovens.

3. Use less hot water, where possible

Hot water is another energy gobbler, but by adopting a few simple, regular habits you can use less of it in daily and weekly life. Here are a few actions that will save you money on your power bills:

  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • Have shorter showers and use a timer to moderate.
  • Turn down the temperature in the shower or when using other taps.
  • Put on the dishwasher only when it’s full.
  • Don’t leave water running unnecessarily (save on your water bill, too).

Washing with cold water can help you save.

4. Seal leaks around your home

Leaks can be expensive, significantly adding to heating and cooling costs as well as reducing comfort and the ‘healthiness’ of your home.

If you spot any leaks, it pays to fix them as quickly as possible: caulking and weatherstripping are effective ways to prevent unwanted air coming into your home.

In addition, a quick tour and audit of your house can help identify any leaks that might be evident.

Leaks around the home can be costly.

5. Switch to LED lights

Replacing incandescent and halogen light globes with energy-efficient light bulbs is another top tip for keeping more money in your pockets.

Light usage in homes (and offices) is a significant contributor to energy bills, so it won’t take long for the savings to show.

Using energy-efficient light bulbs leads to serious savings.

6. Turn off appliances that are on standby

Think about how many appliances around your home use energy, and the number is likely to quickly add up. So too could your energy bill.

A simple way to keep costs down is to turn off appliances at the power point when not in use, as they could be using power even in standby mode. This includes such items as TVs and microwaves.

And with many people working from home in this current climate, it pays to get into the habit of turning off computers and laptops overnight, too.

When it’s time to travel again, it’s worth keeping all this in mind before setting off on holidays, whether it be for months or a weekender.

Turning off appliances when not in use is highly recommended.

7. Think about your day-to-day behaviour

Further to the point above, a few tweaks to your homely habits – or those of others in your household - could lead to more savings.

Simple things like leaving on the TV when not watching it or leaving on lights when not in a room are like throwing money down the drain. Having the fridge door open for extended periods is another bad habit.

And small changes can create big savings.

These are just some of many ways to save on your next energy bill.

Getting on top of bad habits is another way to save.

To see if you could save on your energy bills, visit Simply Energy today. See more below.

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