Ask Shane

Can Shane solve the most challenging problems in parks? You betcha.

Like many Australians, TV celebrity Shane Jacobson grew up having holidays with his family in caravan parks around the country.

Long summers scouring the park for things to do, returning just as the light faded in time for barbeque dinners around the campfire. It’s safe to say, holiday parks are in his DNA.

The tradition is one he is passing onto his own young children, making him the perfect ambassador for BIG4 and a man more than capable of providing advice to make your holidays more memorable.

We are proud to introduce this new regular segment Ask Shane – in which the TV and film legend answers your questions on everything to do with holiday park stays.

This month, he tackles these curly challenges …

You must approach a park snorer quietly and carefully.

Hi Shane, I’m a light sleeper but I love camping. When I hear someone snoring in a tent it drives me crazy. Is it okay to tell a fellow camper that their snoring is keeping me up? Brenda, Toowoomba Qld

SJ: Hi Brenda, thanks for your question. It is only recommended to let a fellow camper know when they are snoring if they are half your size. This is a safety warning.

The method I have tried in the past is telling a story about how much trouble I have had sleeping the night before. You’re not sure what it was – it might have been a bear in the woods or in the tent beside your van – and let them figure out if it might be them.

 I’d be happy for other campers to come in, pinch me on the nose and roll me onto my side.

The truth is most of the time I’m louder than everyone else in the park, so I’m the one they’re talking about. I’d be happy for other campers to come in, pinch me on the nose and roll me onto my side (which can reduce snoring), but the impact is likely to be minimal.

Apparently, I still snore when I’m on my side.

Actually, I snore when I’m awake.

A father reminds his patient child that winners have parties and losers have meetings.

Hi Shane, even though I’m in my 40s I’m still pretty competitive – especially around my teenage sons. My wife reckons I should calm down and let them win the occasional game of tennis, or pool when I play with them on holidays. My wife just wants the kids to be happy, but I think they need to learn how to WIN, not have it handed to them. What’s your thoughts? – Brian, Richmond, Victoria.

SJ: Dear Brian, if I had the ability to beat my children in any kind of sport I can assure you I’d be doing it. My children are in a unique situation where their father has one tenth of the ball and sporting skills that they do.

So, my problem is the opposite. Do I continue to lie and tell people that I am letting my children win, or should I be telling the truth that I’m truly crap at sport.

Let them win occasionally – but every now and then show them what it’s like to be flogged.

In summary, if you can beat them – go for it. Lucky you. I don’t have these choices.

To answer your question sincerely, let them win occasionally – but every now and then show them what it’s like to be flogged. That way they’ll feel the joy of victory and the pain of loss.

Here's a couple enjoying the futile once-a-year reverse parking efforts of a fellow holiday-maker.

My husband thinks he’s an expert at reverse parking our van, but he’s not. He’s terrible. Every time it’s the same thing; he crunches the gears, threatens the safety of all nearby buildings and fixtures, and then ends up so grumpy we barely speak on the first night. Can you please help? – Mildred, no fixed address

SJ: Hi Mildred, thanks for your email. This is one of those unique opportunities where you get to sit back, relax, place a glass of wine in your hand and watch your husband make a complete fool of himself publicly.

I don’t see a problem here, I see opportunity. You need to enjoy the process. Because it is such an enjoyable process, you may even want it to last the whole day.

Loudly say to people around you ‘Watch this fool make an idiot of himself’.

What I suggest you do is loudly say to people around you ‘Watch this fool make an idiot of himself’. Then pull up a few armchairs, sit back and enjoy the show.

This is not a love story, it’s not a drama, it’s not a thriller, or a romance.

It’s a comedy.    

Shane really is the master of solving the world's problems. If you have a question you'd like to Ask Shane, send them to Note: Shane can't respond to every question, so we'll hand-pick the best three for each segment. 

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