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Simple Summer Barbecuing 

Summer and BBQs are the perfect pairing.

And our expert barbecuing friends at Weber have the inspiration to get you in the mood.

Their recommended dishes are easy to whip up, particularly with a few top tips and handy accessories to take your summer barbecuing to the next level.

Naturally, these creations are massively tasty, too.

Prepare to be inspired… 

Whip these up on the Weber. Credit: @oursandydays.

Grilled Grazing Platter

Versatile, adaptable, and tasty – this platter is a summer essential. When the vegetables and other elements are grilled, the caramelisation from the BBQ adds a wonderful flavour and sweetness. Combining grilled chorizo, soft burrata, and toasted garlic sourdough helps to complete a palate-pleasing platter.

Prep time: 20min.

BBQ time: 10min.

Top tip: If you’re on the road, this dish creates an easy way to work in delicious and fresh local and seasonal produce.

Handy accessory: Premium tool set.


Grilled Grazing Platter.

Mediterranean Chicken and Mixed Vegetable Grill

Chicken is a super staple for a summer BBQ, and this grill demonstrates the meat’s versatility. The mixed vegetables add to its variety and can be adapted to suit.

Prep time: 15min.

BBQ time: 16min.

Top tip: Keep a meat thermometer handy when cooking chicken on the BBQ to ensure its reaches the ‘safe doneness temperature’. Additionally, it’s worth pre-marinading the chicken so it’s quicker to get this creation from BBQ to plate.

Handy accessory: Premium digital thermometer.


Mediterranean Chicken and Mixed Vegetable Grill.

Funny Face Pizzas

Keen to involve kids in the cooking process? Then, smash out these family favourites. Once more, versatility and variety come into play, which is even handier if there’s a fussy eater or two among your clan!

Prep time: 20min.

BBQ time: 15min.

Top tip: Purchase additional pizza trays so you can keep rolling out the goods in quick fashion!

Handy accessory: Weber Q pizza stone.


Funny Face Pizzas.

Greek Lamb Share Plate With Baba Ganoush

Tender, flavoursome lamb is the headline act of this BBQ beauty. It’s joined by a mix of tasty grilled sides; blistered cherry tomatoes, smoky olives, grilled flatbreads, and a seriously delicious grilled eggplant baba ganoush.

Prep time: 10min.

BBQ time: 25min.

Top tip: Use the Weber Greek seasoning on the lamb for a delicious flavour combination.

Handy accessory: Weber rubs and seasonings.


Greek Lamb Share Plate With Baba Ganoush.

Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

Easy to serve up at any time, these quesadillas are sure to satisfy. Opting to grill the chicken breasts and corn on the BBQ brings extra flavour to the dish while the chipotle chillies deliver an element of smokiness and heat. Customise the dish with any fillings you have on hand.

Prep time: 20min.

BBQ time: 30min.

Top tip: Save time by using store-bought chipotle sauce, but don’t skip on grilling the corn and chicken on the BBQ – it adds incredible flavour. Also, if heat is not your thing, simply dial down the recommended amount of chipotle chillies.


Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas.

Ferrero Rocher Brownies

Is there anything more delish for sweet-tooths? Barbecuing these brownies heightens the flavour profile, ensuring they’re even more delectable. Watch them disappear from the plate!

Prep time: 10min.

BBQ time: 45-50min.

Top tip: Have the brownie mix on-hand with your favourite additions for easier baking at the end of a long day.

Alternate tip: No need to cook from scratch. Have a brownie packet mix at the ready with your preferred extras for a simple sweet whipped up anytime you crave it.

Handy accessory: Q ware casserole dish.


Ferrero Rocher Brownies.

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