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The best portable barbecues


Often, the trusty barbecue is among the first things packed for a getaway.

It’s so convenient to have at hand for cooking up a fresh catch or sampling delicious local produce from a new destination.

Our partners, Weber, create some of the best barbecues on the market.

Better still, they have some of the best barbecues that are tailormade for getaways.

Whether a caravanner, camper, or cabin-goer, you’re sure to find these handy hotplates are hard to resist.

Wait until you read about this beauty: The Traveler. Scroll for more. 

Weber Q

In a nutshell: The Weber Q is one of the most popular barbecues in Australia. It’s contemporary, versatile, and built to extract the tastiest of flavours from whatever is put on its hotplate.

Why take it on the road? It offers generous cooking space yet is compact enough to carry to the park, beach, or have riverside.

Models: Regular and premium; variable colours.

Handy storage/travel features: Removable catch pan and folding side tables.

Suited to: Those who want to go anywhere and everywhere and still be able to cook what they want, when they want. It’s perfect for small families and couples.


You can take the Weber Q anywhere. Location: BIG4 Bright, VIC.

Baby Q 

In a nutshell: With ‘Bubs’, you can expect the same quality product and convenient features as a regular Weber Q. But as the title alludes to, this cute creation is a tad smaller than its sibling.

Why take it on the road? Who said you shouldn’t travel with a baby?! This little gem is so compact that it’s a dream road-trip companion and super reliable when put to work.

Models: Regular and premium; variable colours.

Special features: Removable catch pan.

Suited to: Singles and couples. Perennial over-packers will appreciate the extra space, too.


A dream companion: Baby Q. Location: BIG4 Castlemaine Gardens, VIC.

The Traveler

In a nutshell: The name says it all – this new release is made for breaks. It’s packed with handy features that have mobility, convenience, and ease of use at top of mind.

Why take it on the road? Quite simply, this is where it does its best work.

Special features: All-weather wheels, compact fold, and the option of a propane canister that makes it even easier to transport to your chosen barbecuing location.

Suited to: Those who want to barbecue wherever they feel like it…without breaking any rules, of course.


The name says it all.

Add to cart

For even more convenience and versatility, Weber has portable carts available for purchase for the Weber Q and Baby Q series. In the case of the Traveler, the cart is already attached to the barbecue.


Cart around your Weber with ease.

There's more

Along with all these excellent travel-related elements, each barbecue is packed with even more features. This means whether you’re on the road or at home, you can expect to create a quality cook-up time and again.

Q for quality.

Which barbecue is for you? Explore the entire Weber range here.


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