Tips to make your next caravan holiday easier

Blog contribution by Jennifer Adams, presenter of the popular TV travel series Places We Go.

Caravanning is one of my favorite forms of travel. I will never forget when we did the ‘big lap’ of Australia in our ‘pop-up’ campervan – we often commented about how we never wanted the adventure to end. I loved how, after a day exploring the outback, we would set up our cosy home-away-from-home and have everything we needed. I never took those luxuries for granted (especially my coffee machine in the middle of the desert), and typing this from my home office makes me long for that trip…I’m sure you know the feeling!

Our trip of a lifetime, caravanning around Australia.

But it doesn’t matter if you are travelling all the way around Australia or just heading down the road for a much-loved great Australian break – let’s face it, the ‘packing part’ can be overwhelming.

Enjoying the caravanning lifestyle with friends.

Whether you are new to caravanning or an old hand, I think we all need a few fresh ideas every now and then to make getting away that bit easier each time. As we all know, the less hassle the getaway, the more inclined we are to travel.

Here are my basic caravan packing hacks for your next break…

1. LISTS and more lists

We have our trusty list on the wall of our back shed that we use every time we head away with our pop-up. We add to it whenever we come up with a new idea to make our adventures even more enjoyable.

2. Have a set of everything for your caravan, so only food and clothes need packing each time

This applies to kitchen utensils and equipment, cleaning supplies, bedding, towels, a first aid kit, games, and camping furniture/equipment. Remember to clean it all when you get back from each trip so it is waiting and ready to go on your next one. 3. Keep a full set of toiletries stored in the van Never run out of anything on the road, including toilet paper! 4. Have a dirty clothes bag that can go from van to house or van to laundromat It always makes caravanning trips that much easier when clean clothes are separated from dirty clothes. 5. Always ensure the van is thoroughly cleaned upon your return and ready to go for the next trip The last thing you want to do is spend a day cleaning your van when you are trying to go away on holiday.

Clean your van before leaving so it’s ready to go any time.

6. Take all of your herbs and spices in little Tic Tac containers

They take up much less room than regular spice jars, and you can keep them in the caravan for future trips.

7. Buy a hanging shoe rack

Use it in your van for storing all kinds of things, such as cleaning rags, barbecue tools, sauces, bug spray, etc.

8. Pack baking paper

Use it on the camp stove and barbecue to ensure cleaning up is a breeze.

A welcome visit from a kookaburra to our barbie!

9. Finally, here are some tips to ensure your caravan holiday is a successful one each time:

  • Keep a well-equipped tool box, including a mallet, screwdrivers, spanners, fuses, etc.
  • Keep a good quality hose bag for sullage and a drinking water hose.
  • Always have citronella burners or candles on hand.
  • Have cleaning cloths available to clean dirty gear, such as hoses, before packing.
  • Ensure your fridge is stored with the door locked in the open position to allow air in and to stop mould between trips.
  • Carry LED head torches for setting up camp in the dark.
  • Carry two small walkie talkies, which are great to assist with reversing the van into a tight spot.
Wonderful family memories!

I would love to hear your packing hacks. Have you any gems that I have missed? Please leave your comments below.

Happy travels,

Jen x  

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