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Pop up campers raising the roof

Australian camper taking the category to a whole new level

Campers and pop up caravans have made something of a comeback recently. It’s easy to see why, as well as being functional, they’re also very easy on the wallet too. Often sleeping up to five or six, they’re a great option for savvy families. After all, they’re not only cheaper than a full-size van, they’re also easier on the hip pocket to run thanks to fantastic aerodynamics compared to a regular caravan.

Once you’ve reached your destination, be it a park, a friend’s property or going bush, all the family can help with the set up. Once the top is up and the beds have been slid out, you’ve got the equivalent of a cosy cabin all to yourselves. Not to mention, when it rains, there’s nothing quite like falling asleep to the sound of raindrops falling on canvas inches above you but being warm and dry in a doona or sleeping bag.

The new model Wayfinder from New Age Caravans has just been released. (Adventurer model shown)

A new way to go

BIG4 partner New Age Caravans have just updated their popular Wayfinder camper, and the days of manually winding your roof up after a long day of driving are long gone. The new Wayfinder models come with a unique Electric Roof System, eliminating the need for a manual winch. Raising the roof has never been easier.

As well as this, other new features include:

• Numerous advances in interior design

• Newer technology

• A higher-grade electrical system

• Upgraded lighting

• Better cabinetry

• Revamped upholstery

• An attractive new livery

• A new Walkinshaw chassis delivering superior safety and handling.

Ready for the road

All models feature redesigned seats with more cushion depth, so you’ll be comfy during a long intense game of Monopoly with the family. The new long café lounge seat provides lots of room to stretch out and relax where you can admire the revamped kitchen featuring all-new cabinetry.

The Wayfinder sleeps up to 6 people and with those that call shotgun first getting the comfort of a queen bed at each end. Available in Base and Adventurer models, there’s an option for every family. The Adventurer model is perfect for the budding Russell Coights, including everything the Base offers as well as:

• Semi off-road capability

• An external shower

• A 200-watt solar panel.

Family friendly features

The camper’s portability for ease of storage and quick set up was a key factor in current Wayfinder owner Esther Carr’s decision to purchase the New Age caravan for her family. Esther travels with her husband Peter and their 12-year-old Lhasa Apso dog named Buddy.

‘We chose a pop-up camper for easy setup and also due to the height dimensions as it fits well in our car space at our unit complex,’ says Esther.

‘The ability to store it in a car space makes it very attractive. This Wayfinder is also aesthetically pleasing.’

A low profile on the new Wayfinder makes for great portability and easy storage. (Adventurer model shown)

Portability in spades

Being lightweight and requiring minimal setup has been a big bonus for the Carr family and was a key selling point when they purchased the van just over a year ago.

‘It is fairly light to tow and that makes it quite manoeuvrable. We like we can travel with the bed fully made up and the ease of set up.’

It’s safe to say that the electric roof system is a favourite feature for the family, taking the back-breaking work out of set up on the road at campsites.

The Electric Roof System is a real crowd pleaser for the whole family. (Adventurer model shown)

‘We love the electric pop up roof and admire the ease with it every time we use it,’ Ester says. ‘The setup and pack down are a very simple process. Our pop up has an electric roof so we basically park the camper, put down the stabiliser legs, unlock the pop up top and use the touch screen to raise the roof.

‘It is then just a matter of installing the door which is stowed away during transport. If we are staying more than 3 days, we will also put up our awning and privacy screens. It is a very stress-free process which was essential to us in our decision to make this purchase.’

Room for the whole crew

Esther loves the design of the living area and how the van finds a way of utilising all the space available for maximum functionality with a great quality fit-out. As well as modern electrical connections to cater for all the family’s personal devices.

Whether it’s the newer technology, higher grade electrical system, the electric roof system, upgraded lighting, better cabinetry or revamped upholstery, there’s sure to be several features that will grab your attention when checking out the new Wayfinder.

The Wayfinder is the ultimate setup for a family adventure. (Adventurer model shown)

The Wayfinder from New Age Caravans is back and better than ever! Browse the features of the Wayfinder, compare models at your local dealer and check one out for yourself today.

Hit the road with a Wayfinder in tow! (Adventurer model shown)

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