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The perfect entry-level pop top caravan


If you’re looking to join the caravanning caper, our friends at New Age have the ideal pop top for you.

In mid-2020, the Australian manufacturer released its impressive Road Owl Pop Top.

And as you’ll soon discover, it’s a wise choice for new players wanting to travel in style at a very competitive price.

The Road Owl Pop Top is a wise pick for new players.

The lowdown

The Road Owl has been created with comfortable towing in mind – an important factor for novice haulers – and its compact size allows for easy storage, too.

The van is packed with excellent features and its interior is both stylish and spacious.

Conveniently, the pop top is available in two layouts: couples and family. And the option of upgrade packs adds versatility and will appeal to those craving more creature comforts or who wish to travel off-the-beaten track.

Inside, style and space combine.

The need-to-knows

This brand-new pop top is available in two floorplans and has two additional model upgrades – Comfort and Adventurer – with the following approximate dimensions:

Road Owl Pop Top 16ft Ensuite Rear Door

Length: 7250mm.

Height including air-conditioner: 2500mm.

Internal height: 2500mm.

Width: 2030mm.

Average tow-ball weight: 140kg.

Average tare weight: 1750kg.

Road Owl Pop Top 18ft Bunk Ensuite

Length: 7850mm.

Height including air-conditioner: 2500mm.

Internal height: 2500mm.

Width: 2030mm.

Average tow-ball weight: 210kg.

Average tare weight: 1980kg.

A word from the manufacturer

“This pop top tows like a breeze; you can hardly tell it’s on the back of your car. The new design, weight distribution, and Walkinshaw chassis ensure that the towing performance is well-balanced and safe.”

The Road Owl tows like a breeze.


This is one of the best-priced pop tops on the market, and it’s filled with first-rate features. Among the highlights are:

  • Walkinshaw-engineered chassis
  • Domed composite one-piece roof
  • Uniquely styled aluminium body top and roof surrounds, engineered for added strength and durability
  • Durable exterior sidewall trimming
  • Heavy-duty shackle suspension (16ft layout only)
  • Rocker Roller suspension (18ft layout only)
  • Expandable roof
  • 50mm hitch
  • 110L water tank
  • 9kg gas bottle
  • BMPRO SwayControl
  • 15-inch tyres and wheels
  • Battery provision

This pop top is packed with great features.

And don’t forget the interior

Inside, there is plenty to get excited about, too. Among the key aspects are:

  • Ensuite with shower and toilet
  • 164l three-way fridge
  • Four-burner mini-grill cooktop
  • Microwave
  • Hot-water system

There's a lot to love about the interior.

Upgrades are available

If you want even more exciting additions, you take advantage of one of two thoughtfully designed upgrade packs. The Comfort pack adds another level of luxury and convenience, while the Adventurer pack is designed for those who demand versatility and want to explore terrains other than bitumen.

Here is what you can expect:

Comfort pack

  • Air conditioner (reverse cycle)
  • 150W solar panel
  • Two x 9kg gas bottles
  • Two x 110l water tanks
  • 100a AGM battery
  • Display unit comes with water gauges
  • External speakers
  • 24-inch smart TV and DVD player
  • Winegard antenna
  • Raven-coated trimming on front, back, and sides (approx. 360mm)
  • Picnic table
  • Gloss doors

The Adventurer pack includes all the features of the Comfort pack as well as:

  • Cruisemaster CRS2 suspension
  • External shower
  • Reverse camera
  • Straight bumper bar – black
  • Recessed coupling
  • Six-inch main members
  • Two-inch raiser
  • Tray in A-frame
  • Single pull-out step
  • 16-inch tyres and wheels
  • Black rims
  • Silver high-profile stucco cladding
  • Higher side trimming (approx. 608mm)
  • Wheel spats

You'll likely feel a flush of pleasure when you check out this van.

Best suited to…

The Road Owl is perfect for weekenders, as it’s a dream to set up and pack away. But if you’re looking for longer breaks then you’re in safe hands, too – the outstanding engineering and excellent towing performance of this pop top ensures it is ready-made for bigger drives.

Hit the road with the Owl in tow.

To find out more, click here. Or explore the entire New Age range here.

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