You can do what? The top 10 camping trends coming your way...maybe

Move over traditional camping - when it comes to camping trends, things are just getting started.

Camping used to just be about having a tent, whacking a few pegs in the ground, and embracing the great outdoors.

Used to be.

Yes, you can still have that experience, but in more recent times we’ve seen the emergence of glamping (glamorous camping). And now there’s even such thing as champing (church camping). Seriously.

Where will it end?

Well, we think this is just the beginning. The camping industry is in the middle of a revolution! Move over traditional camping – we present you with our predictions for the next 10 camping trends.

1. Mamping (museum camping)

If you’ve ever seen the movie, Night at the Museum, you’ll be pumped for the introduction of mamping. Maybe the exhibits really do come alive, maybe they don’t. Either way, we’re sure thrill seekers of a cultural kind are dying to find out…make no bones about it.

Make no bones about it - mamping is not for the faint-hearted.

2. Plamping (Pluto camping)

Pluto may have been demoted to a dwarf planet but we think it’s a potential giant in the camping space. It’s completely untapped, offers loads of space, and with a 15-year commute from earth, plampers will have generous amounts of time to get to know each on the journey to their destination. 

BIG4 Pluto: coming soon to a galaxy (not so) near you.

3. Stamping (Store camping)

Ever wondered what happens in those supermarket aisles when the lights go off? Then wonder no more! Once stocktake is finished, these stores are all yours to explore. Or, for the ultimate experience, choose a 24-hour supermarket where you can meet plenty of interesting characters, usually between the hours of 2am-4am.

Tick stamping off your list.

4. Tramping (truck camping)

Ever been stuck behind a truck on your road-trip adventures and cursed it for being too slow, too fast, too big, or all the above? Then you’ll feel much more compassionate knowing you’ll be spending the night in the back of one of these roaring beasts. Whether motionless or on the go, you’ll love the chance to be a part of cattle-class.

Tramping has the potential to offer both rustic or modern facilities.

5. Kamping (kennel camping)

With dog-friendly accommodation on the rise, kamping is the next logical step in the camping sector. This mode provides canine owners with the perfect opportunity to really get to know their pets in an environment that their four-legged friends will feel most comfortable with. Please note: kamping is likely to be at the manager’s discretion and terms and conditions will apply. 

Get away from it all with a spot of kamping.

6. Tramping version II (train camping)

Enjoy the chance to sleep while on the move with the introduction of tramping. You’ll pass a wealth of ever-changing scenery as you travel up and down or across the country. Wait…this is starting to sound too familiar.

7. Bramping (brewery camping)

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of fermented yeast. Bramping provides the ideal opportunity to experience the inner-workings of a brewery that your standard tour just can’t provide.

8. Framping (fridge camping)

Ever been camping with friends or family who spend most of the time complaining that it’s too hot or there are too many flies? Then invite them along for a spot of framping, which insiders are tipping to be the coolest trend in camping.

Framping: the coolest new trend in camping. Literally.

9. Ramping (rocket camping)

Remember the days when airlines offered ‘mystery flights’ and you’d end up somewhere completely random? Well, it’s back! Kind of. Ramping is set to put the M into mystery, combining the latest technology to send you to some far-flung destination…literally. 

Put the M into mystery with a spot of ramping - you could end up anywhere!

10. Tramping version III (tree camping)

By gum, this is set to be a beauty. Tramping allows you to make like a koala and experience the world with a bird’s-eye view from your very own treehouse-style campsite. Dare we say it, it’s going to be so good that you won’t want to leave.

True trampers don't even need a treehouse.

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