Must have camping essentials

Some time ago Time magazine published a list of the best travel gadgets, but I have to confess that none of the items on the list would make it onto mine. And that begs the question – what would be on your list?

So let’s focus on camping … and find something we can all identify with. When we asked people to let us know their must have camping essentials, we received some great tips. A list was high on the list and so was a sense of adventure.

With some of the tips, came some great stories about why the items became camping essentials. Here is a sample of tips that were posted on BIG4’s Facebook Page:

Narelle: I went camping in the Grampians with my Dad as a teenager. We sat talking around the campfire that night and Dad gave me some ‘advice’. He said now is a good time to make a list of things to take every time we go camping, then next time you wont forget anything. He told me ‘Put TENT on the top of your list!’

Jarrod: for me it would have to be a banana lounge, esky and a fishing rod;)…BLISS

Annette: great family and friends are a must when camping – Let the good times roll!!!!

Julie: we have a little pack containing a variety of card packs, canasta, uno, skipbo, sting and normal playing cards, we spend our evenings playing cards with the kids when camping. This little pack is my essential, it has brought many hours of fun and laughter.

Shannon: I must have the kids portable dvd players, i know sounds like a luxury but its a great way to get them to settle into there beds for the night without the endless getting up to see what the adults are doing. And also a must are out portable fan/light combos great on the hot nights just gets that little bit of air circulating in the tent.

What is your must have camping essential?

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