Teaching kids to ride a bike? Here’s how to do it properly

During the past 45 years, the team at BIG4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff, Victoria has witnessed thousands of kids learn to ride a bike. So they put together these top tips to make it easier for other parents who are teaching their children the art of bike riding.

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike? It might be too long ago for some of us to recall, but there’s no doubting it’s a momentous occasion. The smiles and laughter we see from both children and their parents highlight the achievement and excitement of it all.

Do you need help teaching your kids to ride a bike? These simple steps will steer you and your child in the right direction. Good luck!


1. Remove the training wheels

It’s a big step but it’s the right step. Training wheels are designed to help kids when they are learning to pedal but aren’t much use when it comes to teaching children balance.

While children might be hesitant to have training wheels removed from the bike, you can help to allay their fears by offering repeated assurance that you are there to protect them.

2. Adjust the bike seat

Make sure the seat is at a level where both kids’ legs remain straight but can comfortably rest flat on the ground. Not only will this make it easier for children to prevent a fall but it will give them added confidence and a better sense of control.

3. Remove pedals, where possible

This tip allows kids to focus on balancing before you introduce the added ‘task’ of pedalling. Most children will find balance will come naturally, as they are able to control where they put their feet.

Encourage kids to cruise around for longer periods of time without touching their feet on the ground. Once they have mastered this, the pedals can be reintroduced.

4. Prepare to let go

Now that it’s ‘go time’, choose a long, flat stretch of pavement for the big occasion. Support your child by placing one hand over theirs on the handle bars and have the other hand resting on the back of the bike seat.

This will allow you to gain control, if necessary, but also leave you in the perfect position to let go once your child is ready to ride unaided.

5. Have the camera ready

You don’t want to miss having this moment on hand to look back on and share with your family and friends, so don’t forget to photograph or video the event. Remember, these are priceless memories.


Do you have any tips for parents who are preparing to teach their children to ride a bike? Or what about an amusing story to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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Originally published by BIG4 Beacon Resort as ‘Learn to ride a bike’.

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