Fishing in Ayr offers plenty of surprises

Experienced angler Matt Tuffy gives us the inside running for fishing in and around Ayr after his recent stay at BIG4 Ayr Silver Link Caravan Village.
Lively fishing is on the menu when visiting Ayr.

During my travels to Ayr, I organised to liaise with fellow fishing journalist Cliff Mann, who’s fished in the area for more than a decade. While trips to both saltwater and freshwater were productive, it was the freshwater of the Burdekin system that really stood out.

I had never targeted the native fish, sooty grunters, and was amazed at their aggression and willingness to take lures. We caught dozens of them, and I even managed a nice barramundi and tarpon as a bycatch. However, it was a stark reminder of how dangerous the water can be when bull sharks attacked our hooked fish in two feet of crystal clear freshwater.

Another great place to fish is Alva Beach, just 14km from BIG4 Ayr Silver Link Caravan Village. It is a sandy beach with a creek mouth, and the flats are full of flathead, bream, trevally, and salmon. However, be aware that there are saltwater crocs present, particularly in the fresh and salt creeks, so act accordingly.

We were lucky enough to be in Ayr during the Burdekin Water Festival, a time-honoured annual event that includes a street parade and fair with stalls and rides.

BIG4 Ayr Silver Link Caravan Village is often utilised by travellers as a stopover point on the way north or south, but if you stick around a little longer you will see just how productive this fishery can be. So the next time you stop by, stay a bit longer and get out and enjoy the picturesque surrounds. You won’t be disappointed.

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