Why BIG4 is perfect for a mates’ weekend away

BIG4's diverse range of activities allow you to choose an option everyone can appreciate.

It can be tricky planning a mates’ weekend and having everyone agree on where to go and what to do.

The task becomes tougher as the years pass: free time is harder to come by and people change. Nowadays, Woodsy is a fitness freak and is pumped for a long hike or three, yet Dave is looking to take it easy after a tough few months at work. Some things don’t change: while Ben will likely forget to pack toothpaste, he won’t forget his golf clubs.

If you require diversity, BIG4 Holiday Parks is the answer. Our parks’ many great locations provide easy access to a raft of leisure activities.

These superb locations are backed by a wide variety of accommodation. Return to your campsite and enjoy a delicious barbecue after an adventure-filled day or relax on the balcony of your cabin with a beer in hand.

Looking for inspiration? Here's the best leisure options to choose from when staying at your chosen BIG4 park.

A fishing weekend is a great way to relax with the lads.

Guys' weekend activity no.1: fishing

Many guys’ weekends involve fishing – it’s a great way to relax with the lads and create banter about who is the best and worst fisherman in your group. If you wish to dangle a line, many BIG4 parks make the ideal base.

BIG4 parks are lined along the fishing mecca that is the Murray River, which incorporates many fantastic locations in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. Other major rivers, as well as lakes and beaches, make sensational fishing spots and are scattered throughout the country.

Not only are ample BIG4 parks perched within close range of many of these spots, but several parks have fishing amenities and knowledgeable staff who can provide useful tips.

Check out our Fishing on Holidays section for more inspiration.

Get the lads together for a golfing weekend. Location: Moonah Links, Mornington Peninsula.

Guys' weekend activity no.2: golf

Where there’s a BIG4 park, there’s bound to be an amazing Australia golf course nearby. Stay at a park in Queensland’s Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast regions and you’ll be surrounded by a vast assortment of incredible and accessible golf courses. Or head to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula to be armed with more choices than those gifted to a child in a lolly shop.

New South Wales’ North Coast and South Coast regions are scattered with breathtaking golf courses and teem with BIG4 parks. South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula is another course-rich region, while towns and cities along the aforementioned Murray River are lined with some of Australia’s best layouts.

And if there are any scores that need settling afterwards, stay at a BIG4 that has mini-golf facilities!

Gather the guys and plan a hiking trip - there's so much choice throughout Australia.

Guys' weekend activity no.3: hiking

Just as fishing and golfing opportunities are plentiful when staying at a BIG4 park, so too is the chance to take a hike in wonderful surrounds.

A wealth of exceptional Australian national parks, rewarding one-day mountain climbs, and other nature areas can be found within easy reach of many BIG4 parks, no matter what part of the country you’re visiting.

Wander through national parks found within the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests of Australia area, which takes in large parts of Queensland and New South Wales. Or uncover incredible formations spotted within Western Australia’s many treasure-filled national parks.

Experience nature at its best throughout Tasmania – led by wondrous Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park – or be dazzled by scenery within South Australia’s Flinders Ranges and Outback region. Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park is bucket list material, and Victoria’s Grampians National Park is world class.

Alternatively, gather the guys for a mountain biking adventure. There is a bounty of cycling tracks sprinkled throughout Australia.

Share some beers and stories by the fires with your mates.

Guys' weekend activity no.4: camp fires

If you’re looking for a relaxing boys’ trip, BIG4 parks with camp fires are perfect for the occasion. Gather your mates and chill in front of the fire, enjoying the chance to catch up on news and relax among great company.


There is endless inspiration for a mates’ weekend away. It all begins with BIG4.

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