Stories behind those amazing sunset photos

Is there a better location in the world for a spectacular sunset photo than right here in Australia? Whether it’s a lavender-tinged sunset on Victoria’s western coastline, or a brilliant, glowing-red lightshow in Western Australia, we all love a sunset.

We knew when we put the call out to share your sunset photos that we’d get swamped with entries. In fact, we received hundreds of photos from all around the country, making the job of selecting five winners very difficult. In the end, we chose these incredible photos and asked the people who took them a little about the experience. Not surprisingly, there were some great stories behind the photos.

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Catherine Williams: Sunset on the 10th of July at the beautiful Green Patch campground on Jervis Bay, South Coast NSW.

Catherine Williams says it was if a filter was placed over the sky when she took this picture of the sunset at Green Patch, near Jervis Bay.

“I was leaving the beach with my daughter and as it got darker the sky got more and more pink,” she said. “This was the last shot I took as I turned around to walk back to camp.”

It’s the afternoon lavender light the east Coast is so well known for at certain times of the year. And it was coupled with Catherine and her family being at a holiday destination burnt into her memories as a  child.

“I used to come to Green Patch in Jervis Bay as a kid and had the best memories of the beach and bush camping there,” she said.

“It is full of wildlife. It was the first time we took our own kids there and they loved it just like I did back in the day.” 

Catherine and her family have another South Coast haunt in mind for their next BIG4 adventure.

“We haven’t decided yet (where we’ll be staying) but our kids are very fond of the BIG4 at Lake Conjola with the water park and pool/beach so we will probably end up there!”

Natalie Loadsman: Sunset on Bargara Beach, near Bundaberg, QLD

Bundaberg resident Natalie Loadsman and her family frequently travel to Bargara Beach in Qld, with its patrolled beaches and family-friendly environment. On the evening Natalie took this photo, she was after something other than a sunset pic.

“I was there hoping to get a photo of the supermoon,” she said, the rare phenomenon that happened in January this year.

“But it came over a bit cloudy, which made for an interesting sunset.”

Natalie and her husband are both amateur photographers, and their win of a two-night stay in a BIG4 came at the perfect time.

“We’ll be in Tassie in four weeks for a month, and this takes care of at least two nights,” said Natalie, a BIG4 member.

“We’ve never been to Tassie before but we always stay with BIG4. We can’t wait.”  

Ian George: Sunset at the Breakaways, near Coober Pedy, Outback SA

Ian George was on his way to a geo-caching (like an adult treasure hunt) gathering in Alice Springs when he stopped to grab this spectacular photo of the Breakaways near Coober Pedy at Easter.

Back in 2014 Ian, 57, was diagnosed with a 50mm brain tumour and his recovery (which is almost complete) included brain stimulation activities such as photography.

“That day, there was a spectacular sunset and people were taking photos with their phones, but something didn’t feel right,” Ian recalled, having travelled all the way from Berwick in Victoria for this trip through Australia’s heart.

“I remember being told that a photographer should always look over their shoulder, and when I turned around this is the view I had.”

Mandy Gebhard: Geordie Bay, Rottnest Island, WA

Believe it or not, this is one of the less touristy and congested parts of Rottnest Island which is inundated every long weekend and holiday period in Western Australia. The island is located 19km off the Perth mainland and has become an iconic holiday spot.

“We only ever go over there in our boat if it’s for more than one night,” said Mandy Gebhard who snapped this typical WA sunset.

Geordie Bay is one of the less populated bays at the island, and is a great escape for a long weekend.  

For bigger breaks Mandy and her family “always head up (north) every second year and we stay at the (BIG4) Carnarvon along the way. That’s when we take our bigger breaks, our camping holidays.”

 As for this photo, Mandy says WA sunsets are so breathtakingly stunning “why wouldn’t you take a photo?” 

Max Harris: Lara Wetlands in Central Qld

You would be forgiven for thinking our photographer here, Max Harris, is shooting a lazy sunset at a tropical lagoon in the Top End.

Imagine our surprise to find this picturesque photo opportunity deep in Central Queensland at a place known as the Lara Wetlands. Abundant with birdlife and thermal-controlled hot mineral pool, it’s a favourite for photographers and nature-lovers. And with sunsets like this on offer who can blame them?

You can access the Lara Wetlands from these BIG4 holiday parks.

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