7 reasons to love - but not love - spring

If you’ve been living in a pocket of Australia where you've suffered through the cold, you’ll know the joy that spring can provide.

Reaching the start of this season signals the overcoming of a major hurdle that we like to call winter.

Yep, welcoming spring is a cause for celebration. But as we discovered, it’s a time of contradiction. Here’s why we love but don’t love spring.

Positive: It’s footy finals time. Yay!

Negative: Oh no, footy season is almost over. What are we going to do now?

Positive: Look at those flowers! They are just so colourful.

Negative: Damn this stupid hay fever.

Positive: Listen to that, would you. You have to love the sound of birds chirping away.

Negative: Seriously, if I get swooped by one more magpie… 

Positive: It’s spring, which means it’s almost summer, which means even more sunshine. Yes!

Negative: No, no, no, no, no. They can’t be Christmas decorations. Please no.

Positive: Feel that sun. Warmth. So much warmth. Brilliant.

Negative: Hmmm…the forecast says showers and strong winds tomorrow.

Positive: (for some of us) I can’t wait until daylight savings starts.

Negative: I can’t afford to lose 10 minutes, let alone a whole hour. And what’s the time in Queensland again?

Positive: I guess I can ditch the coat. Woohoo.

Negative: That’s kinda annoying – $200 of hard-earned cash, and I only wore it once.


What does spring mean to you? 

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