Travelling with children? Don’t leave home without these 5 vital tips

For many of us, reminiscing about family holidays when we were kids elicits a host of happy memories. They were times of endless fun, adventure, and exploration.

However, we probably didn’t realise at the time that holidaying with children can have its challenges. And as parents, we want family holidays to be as rewarding for our children as they were for us.

So how do we achieve this? Our handy tips make a great starting point before you set off on your next BIG4 break. Happy travels!


1. Include children in the planning process

Before you begin your adventures, show your kids the website of where you intend to stay and let them help you Google activities at your holiday destination. This will help them feel part of the action.

Print out a map of the route you will be following: discuss how long you expect the journey to take and mark the places you intend to stop at. Give it to the kids to refer to in the car.

Older children can mark off towns and landmarks as they pass by, which will hold their attention for longer and eradicate the need for them to ask that dreaded question: ‘Are we there yet?’ 

2. Bring snacks, snacks, and more snacks

Be prepared and pack food for the journey. It’s best to avoid too many sugary treats – for various reasons – and instead opt for foods that keep us fuller for longer. The likes of fruit, dried fruit, rice crackers, and sandwiches are good options.

Handing out snacks in small amounts at regular intervals is a great idea: it breaks up the drive without overfeeding the kids.

3. Plan regular pit stops

If you think a child’s attention span is small, then consider the size of their bladder! Stopping regularly can help with both of these issues, especially the latter.

4. Play your own music

Remember, this is a family trip, and listening to Playschool Volume 6791 over and over and over again is not likely to be your idea of fun. Mix it up, so that everyone has a chance to hear their favourite tune.

5. Vary the entertainment

While an iPad loaded with movies is a great idea to keep the kids happy and quiet, it is not ideal if travel sickness is a concern. Consider a range of activities, preferably ones that will encourage children to look out of the window for longer periods.

I-spy is an oldie but a goodie, as is Spotto, or download BIG4’s road trip bingo.

Or talk to each other. You might be surprised at how much you all enjoy each other’s company! In saying that, electronic entertainment devices are likely an inevitable part of your travels, so don’t forget chargers and headphones.


Do you have any advice for travelling with children, or have entertaining yarns from road trips gone by? 

Isn’t it time you enjoyed a fun-filled family holiday? Book your next break now.

Originally published by BIG4 Beacon Resort (Queenscliff, Victoria) as ‘Travelling with children’.

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