Remember when? Iconic holiday memories

BIG4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff, VIC in 1970. How times have changed.

Remember a time when Apple was just a fruit and Google was as foreign a word as gazouiller?

Remember when people paid for things usual actual money? Remember those holidays from yesteryear?

To trigger your memory, we’ve pulled these beauties from the vault.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane...

Wow. BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park in Kiama, NSW circa 70s.

Remember when…

This was a collection of top-of-the-range vans and vehicles.

And this was what it meant to have riverside views.

Remember when…

The best way to keep up with sports scores while on holidays was by packing this.

Remember when…

These were your holiday essentials.

Before this almighty invention came along (and departed soon after).

Remember when…

The fastest way to get in touch with family or friends when on a break was by finding one of these (reverse charge, anyone?)

Maybe even using one of these.

Before this invention arrived on the scene (do you recognise an old friend in this lot?)

Remember when…

To order pizza at your holiday destination you would use a copy of this.

Remember when…

Digital cameras didn’t exist, so every travel photo was taken with painstaking care, such was the cost of film and photo processing.

Remember when…

I-Spy was the height of road-trip entertainment? And then these were all the rage.

Remember when…

As a kid you could go to the nearest shop or kiosk and buy four Polly Waffles, a box of Jaffas, another of chocolate cigarettes, an ice cream, and a bottle of soft drink and – as your memory recalls – it would cost you only this (and there might even be change for some fireworks).

At least for those in the decimal currency era, having a pair of these as a child felt like you were holding the equivalent of two Bitcoins.

Remember when…

You didn’t need glowsticks to find your friends at night.

And you'd all ride your bikes wearing one of these.

Credit: Jason McCarthy, National Museum of Australia

Remember when…

Foxtel and Netflix were unheard of and Stan was someone's name, so your indoors family entertainment would revolve around the following.

Remember when…

You'd be lost without one of these...literally.

Remember when…

Fish and chips at the beach were wrapped in this.

And at the end of your adventures, you wouldn't have used Facebook or Instagram to boast about your holiday. No, no, no. Instead you’d bore your family and friends to death with one of these.

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