Members share their secret winter getaways: Part 5

Like so many other BIG4 members, Cilla Dazeley and her family seek the warmth of Australia's north during their winter escapes. 

The Whitsundays are so perfect from every angle. It's a bucket list trip for Cilla and her family.

When you go on winter escapes in Australia, where do you go? Why do you choose this location?

Answer: I love warmer holidays. We have stayed in many BIG4 parks and love them. So many activities for children.

BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park is pretty special too, with one of the biggest and best pools in the network.

Which BIG4 Holiday Parks do you stay in during your winter escape, and why?

Answer: We have stayed at BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park and NRMA Treasure Island Holiday Park on the Gold Coast a number of times. And this year we were going to go on a cruise to Airlie Beach and stop in for a squiz at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort at Airlie Beach.

How cool is it when your kids get to swim all day during winter holidays?

What are your favourite activities during your winter holidays?

Answer: Cruising, skiing and swimming where it is warm.

Cilla and her family on holidays - with a set-up many of us can relate to.

Why would you recommend this location to BIG4 members and other travellers?

Answer: BIG4 parks have so many fun things for kids to do.

There's awesome stuff to do outside of the parks as well. The thrills only multiply in a jet boat.

What cafes/attractions and restaurants do you visit when at this location?

Answer: Unsure about Airlie Beach as we haven’t visited this park yet.

Here's a happy family putting its BIG4 discount to good use.

Complete this sentence. I’m a BIG4 member because…

Answer: I receive a discount on our stays, and BIG4 parks are great for our daughter. So much fun to be had.

One more time. If you haven't seen enough of Whitehaven Beach here's another perspective.

And finally, my dream destination in Australia for my next holiday is? And why?

Answer: Gold Coast. We love it down there.

BIG4 Holiday Parks wishes to thank Cilla for sharing her winter escapes story and images.

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