Members share their secret winter getaways: Part 4

Carly Garth and her family love a bit of warmth for their winter escapes. In 2016 it culminated in a memorable trip to this epic destination... 

That's Carly and her little man. Both love a decent holiday.

When you go on winter escapes in Australia, where do you go? Why do you choose this location?

Answer: We love to escape the cold, and always head north. In August 2016 we headed to the Whitsundays for a few nights exploring Airlie Beach and the surrounding islands. We chose this destination so we could defrost and unwind plus soak up the sun, the beach and the sand.

Airlie Beach putting on a typical postcard performance.

Which BIG4 Holiday Parks do you stay in during your winter escape, and why?

Answer: During our stay at Airlie Beach we decided to stay at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort. We stayed there as the park has so much to do without having to leave and even though at the time our son was only 18 months old he loved coming back to our cabin after a busy day and enjoying more time in the pool or on the jumping pillow before the sun went down.

BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort looks like Disneyland from the air - no wonder it's so popular.

What are your favourite activities during your winter holidays?

Answer: Our favourite activity was definitely by far visiting Whitehaven Beach for the day. The sand and water were amazing, it was an awesome escape from the jeans and jumpers we were wearing just days before. We also loved going on walks and exploring what Airlie Beach has to offer.

You need sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat to handle the light show at Whitehaven Beach.

Why would you recommend this location to BIG4 members and other travellers?

Answer: This location is one of our favourites and we would go there every winter if we could. This spot is amazing if you have the winter blues; nothing beats a plane ride or two-day drive to this sunny, warm location.

Here's what the winter blues look like in Queensland.

What cafes/attractions and restaurants do you visit when at this location?

Answer: We always are big on reviews when staying at a new place and love looking up TripAdvisor on where to eat. While we were staying in Airlie Beach we visited Fat Frog Cafe for breakfast and Fish D'vine for an awesome seafood platter dinner. We also made a few quick meals ourselves and went on walks, then stopped wherever looked good at the time.

Abell Point Marina at Airlie Beach is perfect for stocking up your groceries or grabbing that first latte of the day.

Complete this sentence. I’m a BIG4 member because…

Answer:  The parks and discounts are amazing! All the parks we have visited so far are so family friendly, they are a home away from home with so much for the kids to do and the extra bonus is parents get some relaxation too.

Anything that occupies the kids is worth its weight in gold.

And finally, my dream destination in Australia for my next holiday is? And why?

Answer: Our next dream destination is to explore Cairns and the surrounding areas this winter. This is on our bucket list, as we have heard so many good reviews from friends and family who have stayed at BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut Resort.

The park looks like we never have to leave with so many things to do having two pools, a waterpark, mini-golf plus so much more.

Then there is Cairns Esplanade with another waterpark to explore as well. Our three-year-old can't wait to see Australian Armour & Artillery Museum, the aquarium and ride the train through the rainforest.

The Garths have looked further north for their next winter escape. Destination: Cairns.

Special thanks to Carly and her family for sharing their holiday secrets and photos with us at BIG4. 

Carly's little one reacts when told Cairns would be the next family holiday destination.

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