5 essential tips for entertaining kids when on rainy holidays

Rain doesn't have to dampen your fun when on holidays.

Holidaying when it’s raining can be a challenge, and that hurdle is only enhanced if you are travelling with children. While cabin fever can strike us all, it certainly has a greater impact on kids: they appear armed with boundless energy.

Being denied access to all the fun ‘stuff’ outside can lead to a nightmare situation for you and your kids. However, with the right preparation, you can make your wet-weather holiday a memorable one.

We’ve put together a bunch of top tips to keep kids entertained when it's raining on your holiday.


1.     Explore indoor attractions

One of the best things about a holiday is getting out and exploring your new surrounds. The rain does not have to prevent you unearthing fun and engaging attractions at your destination. Simply do your research (or ask a local) and suss out those indoor attractions that can entertain children in wet weather.

Wander through a local museum or gallery or visit an aquarium, science centre, or indoor play area. Head underground to explore caves, bathe in hot springs, visit a chocolate factory, or check out a show at the local theatre. The options are endless.

If it's raining, explore indoor attractions.

2.     Check the weather forecast

If the rain has set in, there’s not a great deal you can do about it. However, if you’re staying in a location where the forecast reads ‘a few showers’, then the situation is not all doom and gloom. See where there might be breaks in the weather and take full advantage to hit the outdoors and uncover your new surrounds.

3.     Make the most of the situation

Just because it’s miserable outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t brave the elements. You just need to be prepared. Put on raincoats, gumboots, gloves, and beanies, arm yourself with an umbrella, and set off on an adventure that will entertain kids in wet weather.

If you’re heading out on a walk, it’s best to have a plan rather than wander aimlessly, as this might prove irritating for younger ones. Show children a picture of where you are headed, so that there’s a clear target or reward at the end. A logical walk is to a local waterfall – after all, it’s likely this attraction will be at its best if the rain is tumbling down (or has been). However, check to see that walking tracks are open and safe, and have a plan in case the weather turns nasty.

Put on your wet-weather gear and make the most of the conditions.

4.     Make your own fun

If the weather is so inclement that you can’t possibly venture outdoors, it’s time to make the most of your BIG4 cabin accommodation. Be armed with ample play equipment, so children can go nuts with indoor activities.

There’s something to suit children of all ages: toys, art and craft supplies, and cheap options like colouring-in books or old newspapers for paper mache.

Look on the bright side and use the opportunity as a way of creating family time; after all, that’s what holidays are all about. Play board games or card games, or complete a jigsaw puzzle.

Another great option is to bake. Allowing kids to be part of the process is sure to keep them entertained. Alternatively, make use of indoor or heated pools at your BIG4 accommodation.

If it's raining outside, make sure you are prepared to be entertained inside.

5.     Find the sun

If the sun isn’t coming to you, go to the sun. Head out on a road trip and find a patch of turf that lives up to the cliché that the grass is greener. It’s strange how one area can regularly receive a lot of love from rain clouds while a nearby location escapes these downpours. Again, ask a local if they know of a rain-dodging spot.


Do you have any great tips on how to keep kids entertained in wet weather? 

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