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Classic road trips: Cape to Cape in Western Australia

By Rob and Vickie Tibbet from 

Greetings, as we share some of our favourite photos taken on a recent road-trip from Cape Leveque, down the beautiful WA coastline to Cape Leeuwin.

WA is a massive state, and this trip alone covers more than 3500km. Plan to take at least a few weeks, more if possible, so you can enjoy the journey and see the fantastic scenery unique to this part of the world.

We spent several months and still did not have time to travel inland to the Pilbara, Wave Rock or Kalgoorlie. For us, that will be another trip, in spring, when the wildflowers are in full bloom. 

Cape Leveque to Port Hedland

Our first leg is 800km plus, but it covers an exciting stretch of countryside. A day trip for the Broome locals! A two-week trip for us, as we explore Cape Leveque, Broome, Eighty Mile Beach and Port Headland. And some interesting places in between. 

Cape Leveque is a must-visit on your big road trip adventure.

Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque is about 200km north of Broome. We took a day tour from Broome and flew to Talbot Bay to see the Horizontal Falls, then over the Buccaneer Archipelago before landing on Cape Leveque at One Arm Point. A 4WD bus took us back to Broome after a wonderful lunch at Kooljaman. It can be a very bumpy ride back to Broome!

Any visit to Broome should include a camel ride along empty beaches.

Broome and a camel ride on Cable Beach

Broome itself will take a few days to see the sights. Watch the sunset from Cable Beach, see the dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point and stroll around the Broome Markets (fabulous range of local arts and crafts). Go pearl shopping at one of the many outlets, or enjoy a beer at Matso’s Brewery overlooking Roebuck Bay.

Even the unluckiest anglers are spoilt at Eighty Mile Beach.

Early morning on Eighty Mile Beach

Our next stop was Eighty Mile Beach located south of Broome. This beach is covered in shells; as far as you can see. A beautiful place to spend a few days, relax and or do some fishing. A short walk over the dunes finds you on the beach, all 80 miles of it!

Port Hedland has been a major economic force over the past decade, but its tourism is just as important.

Iron Ore being loaded at Port Hedland

While visiting Port Hedland, we undertook a Seafarer’s tour of the harbour to view large ships and loading facilities. The Seafarer allows crew members on board these huge ships to come ashore for a spot of shopping and relaxation at the Seafarer Centre – amazing service and a great way to see Port Hedland. 

The region is blessed with rugged good looks.

Port Hedland to Carnarvon

It is a long way down the largest state in Australia, and the next section took us towards Karratha, Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay and Carnarvon. This trip added another 1200km or so to the speedo!

WA has the best sunsets in Australia. Period.

Sunrise at Point Samson (near Karratha)

Point Samson is a fantastic place to stop before heading south to Karratha. This pretty peninsula is crammed with brilliant beaches, great fishing spots, heritage buildings, and much more. And witnessing a sunrise from this vantage point is breathtaking.

Emus are the sideshow to this incredible coastal town - home to one of the world's largest fringing reefs.

Baby emus at Exmouth - waiting for Dad

Exmouth has lots to offer, and outdoor exploration is essential. The town is the gateway to Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Cape Range National Park. Hike in the national park or relax at Turquoise Bay floating over colourful coral, watching beautiful tropical fish. At certain times you can see turtles heading to the beaches to lay eggs. 

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If you haven't been to Coral Bay what are you waiting for? It's incredible.

Coral Bay – a real paradise

Coral Bay is where, at certain times of the year, you can swim with manta rays and whale sharks. There is fish feeding most afternoons, and you can stand in the water while large fish feed and dart around your ankles. Coral Bay is a small town, featuring amazing beauty. A very popular holiday destination. 

The marine life in Carnarvon is envied the world over.

Carnarvon - the Gascoyne food bowl

Local farmers produce a large variety of vegetables and fruit year round, even though the Gascoyne River looks dry – apparently, it flows underground! We recommend you go to Point Quobba to view the blowholes, then take a swim in the nearby coral-filled lagoon called ‘The Aquarium’. Be sure to visit One Mile Jetty in Carnarvon; maybe you will see a turtle too! 

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Carnarvon's land formations aren't too shabby either.

Carnarvon to Kalbarri

Next, we travelled to Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, Steep Point and Kalbarri with its vast Zuytdorp cliffs and scenic national park. See the living stromatolites and Shell Block Quarry at Hamlin Pool. Take the boardwalk at Eagle Bluff. There is even a beach formed entirely of shells, Shell Beach! You need to leave plenty of time to explore the area. 

Monkey Mia - stop off and feel the serenity.

Shark Bay, so much to see

The Dolphin Experience at Monkey Mia in Shark Bay is a very popular event. Feeding the dolphins is regulated, and you may be lucky enough to be chosen to offer one a fish. Pictured is Nicki the dolphin, a regular. We also suggest you take the Catamaran Wildlife tour and see other creatures such as dugongs, sea snakes, turtles, eagle rays and tiger sharks. 

One of the world's greatest seascapes is found at Shark Bay.

Beautiful Francois Peron National Park

A must visit, and one of our favourite national parks in Australia! If you don’t have a 4WD, take one of the wonderful eco tours to the top of this beautiful and unique national park. The colours are amazing. Darren ‘Capes’ Capewell runs the Wula Guda Nyinda Eco-Adventure tours, an excellent opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal culture in the area. 

Steep Point is a favourite for land-based anglers.

Steep Point, as close as I would go to the cliff!

Steep Point is the westernmost point of mainland Australia. You will need a high clearance 4WD and 2.5-hours to travel the 50km of sandy tracks (each way) to reach the point. The landscape is indeed breathtaking. Steep Point is regarded as one of the best land-based game fishing locations in the world! 

The landscapes this far north in WA have to be seen to be believed.

Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri is located on a picturesque coastline about 580km north of Perth, surrounded by national parks. You will find an array of lookouts along the coast showcasing various cliffs and geological formations. Head into Kalbarri National Park to see ‘Nature’s Window’ and other amazing geological wonders.  

Kalbarri is a good-sized coastal town, but its environment feels virtually untouched. And the views speak for themselves.

Kalbarri to Perth

Next, we headed south from Kalbarri to Perth. The Pinnacles near Cervantes have to be seen to be believed. You can even drive through the Pinnacles, between the rocky outcrops! Another must-see is the Leaning Tower near Gingin at the Gravity Discovery Centre, the premier science education facility in Western Australia. 

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The natural attractions of WA include freakish water colours on the road south to Geraldton.

Pink Lake – Hutt Lagoon

Pink Lake is a salt lake, and the pink colour comes from the presence of carotenoids produced by an algae, Dunaliella Salina. Known for its antioxidant properties, the carotenoids are used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. Even on a cloudy day, Pink Lake looks impressive. 

Geraldton's beachfront is a perfect stop for dusty kids and tired parents.


A commercial centre with a beautiful foreshore with plenty of cafes, playgrounds, a waterpark and walking/cycling paths. A highlight was a walk around the HMAS Sydney II Memorial on Mount Scott with a fantastic sculptured dome made up of 645 seagulls to represent each person lost when the ship sank. Other recommendations include the Old Gaol, Point Moore Lighthouse and the West Australian Museum. 

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Dongara Port Denison doesn't get the attention it deserves - but it's a jewel in WA's tourism crown.

Dongara and Port Denison

The twin towns are best known for their lobsters. We were visiting during the ‘Larry Lobster Festival’ where you can view the lobster processing plant and witness the blessing of the fleet. There is a beautiful community spirit and lots of fresh seafood to be had! The baker in Dongara makes the best pasties and sausage rolls in WA, just saying! 

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Put your feet up at BIG4 Ledge Point before you get to Guilderton, and try out the park's famous lobster night - you won't be disappointed.

Guilderton – at times a little windy

Guilderton is located at the mouth of the Moore River. The estuary is closed to the ocean at certain times of the year as reduced water flow allows the waves to create a bar across the mouth of the river (this reopens after heavy rain). This bar turns the estuary into a long freshwater lake allowing birds, fish and animals to flourish. 

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Perth is just the prettiest little thing - especially at night.

Perth to Cape Leeuwin

While in Perth we recommend you visit the famous Bell Tower on the foreshore of the Swan River, close to the CBD. The tower contains a set of 18 bells hanging in a specially built copper and glass tower. We recommend a walk around the foreshore, past the WACA to East Perth. The spot for coffee and a free bus back to the CBD! 

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Get your culture cup filled at Fremantle.


The main street of Fremantle is a hub of activity on weekends with people flocking to visit the markets, Little Creatures Brewery and the Maritime Museum. Other popular attractions include the Fremantle Prison, The Round House and the Esplanade Park. Fremantle is also where you catch a ferry to Rottnest Island or back to Perth CBD. 

The famous 'Busso' jetty - where millions of holiday memories are made.


Busselton is known for its safe beaches and seasonal humpback whale sightings. Busselton Jetty is the longest timber jetty in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy a 1.8km walk or train ride to the Underwater Observatory at the far end. Other attractions include Geographe Bay, the ArtGeo Museum and the Aquatastic Water Park. 

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After everything you've seen Margaret River will have you salivating.

Margaret River

Beautiful and green and much more than wineries. We spent the day hopping from wineries to cheese factories to boutique breweries. I even recall the odd chocolate factory outlet receiving some of our patronage! Enjoy the excellent food and wine.

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Cape Leeuwin is home to some of the best wineries, and legendary lunches, in Australia.

Finally, Cape Leeuwin

Near Augusta on the south-west corner of Western Australia is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the most south-westerly tip of mainland Australia. If you’re lucky, it might not be windy, and you may see humpback whales migrating up the coastline.  

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We have only featured a few sights from our trip; there is so much more to see.  Safe travelling.

Special thanks to Rob and Vickie Tibbet from for this wonderful article.

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