7 reasons why it’s time to hit the road again

The Black Spur Drive, Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria.

There’s every chance your last holiday wasn’t all that long ago – so is it really time to be planning another break? Short answer: Absolutely!

Just because you’ve had a recent getaway doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to another one. Life is short, and there’s so much of this great country of ours to explore. We’ve put together a solid list of reasons that demonstrates why it’s high time you hit the road again.

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1. Your last break was a distant memory

Admit it – already the Christmas/New Year period feels like it was a lifetime ago. Despite January having a habit of disappearing quicker than a weekly pay cheque; it seems to take just a few weeks back at work to feel as though you’ve resumed normal service at the Daily Grind Club.

All this means it’s time to create new memories and start planning that next fun adventure. Unearth a different part of the country, delve into a time-honoured location, or revisit a favourite spot.

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia

2. You get the best of both worlds

It’s hardly groundbreaking news: the summer school holiday period is an extremely popular time to take a break. The mix of abundant sunshine, school holidays, and office shutdowns leads to huge population swells at many locations – and, for some, crowded destinations can be a deterrent for taking a break.

But there’s good news. The kiddies are back in the classroom and most people have returned to work, and yet still there is loads of sunshine to soak up somewhere around the country. What’s not to love? Get out there and uncover your next sun-drenched patch of turf now.

3. Holidays are good for you

A weekend away keeps the doctor at bay. Okay, so that’s a saying we just made up, but it is sound advice. Ever notice how a simple, quick escape from familiar surrounds seems to make a world of difference to your mindset and general well-being?

In fact, various studies have indicated that there are scores of health and lifestyle benefits associated with taking a holiday. A break allows the mind and body to recharge and to fight off ailments and niggles that are caused or enhanced by the stresses of working life; it can even heighten your senses. An escape also provides the chance to reconnect with family and friends and spend quality time together.

You don’t need a six-month trip around Australia to reap these benefits, as nice as that thought is. Even if you have only time for a quick getaway, it’s better than no getaway at all.

A holiday provides tangible benefits for your working life as well. After a break, you'll likely return to work feeling more invigorated and energetic.

Semaphore beach, Adelaide.

4. Holidays rarely lead to regret

How many people can look back on their lives and say with complete confidence: ‘I wish I never took that holiday’. Sure, getaways aren’t always plain sailing, and sometimes there can be a few hiccups along the way. However, we like this piece of travel advice that once came across our desks. When going on holiday, be armed with the attitude ‘if it doesn’t kill or harm you, it’s a good story’. In other words, don’t let annoyances or challenges get the better of you.

Think back on your travel adventures and you may discover various irritations or problems that occurred along the way have now developed into your most entertaining and repeated holiday stories. It’s all about the right attitude and embracing the experience. Chances are you’ll regret not going on that holiday.

5. Breaks make great small talk

Scenario: Each Monday morning you bump into Patrice in the tea room, wishing you could regale her with a great yarn about your weekend. Solution: book another holiday. And don’t just pick any old spot to take a break – head to that destination that’s been at the top of your must-do list for what seems an age. Next time you see Patrice, you have a sure-fire winner to trump her ‘first prize in the sponge cake division’ story.

Lake Gairdner, South Australia. Credit: SATC.

6. There are so many options

Australia might be a whopping big country, but it takes no effort at all to reach somewhere with a landscape far different to your regular surrounds. Hit the road and find that secluded beach, tranquil lake, or alluring wine region. Or pick a national park and uncover quirky rock formations, gushing waterfalls, towering trees, and a vast assortment of wildlife. This is a country full of breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences no matter the direction you take.

With BIG4 Holiday Parks ideally planted in a host of prized locations, there's plenty of fantastic accommodation to take advantage of.

For inspiration on where to go, take a peek at BIG4's Great Australian Bucket List article.

Wattamolla picnic area, Royal National Park, Sydney

7, Easter is almost here

Easter isn’t all that far away, which means you have another perfectly good excuse to take a break. Enjoy a memorable long weekend on the road without burning any annual leave or whisking the kids out of school. But it’s best to start organising your journey now – Easter is another popular time to holiday, so get cracking and book your BIG4 accommodation.


Don’t put it off – now is the time for another fun-filled break. Start planning your next adventure with BIG4 today.

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