So you think you know Australia?

Summer – what a great time to be in Australia. Our nation is blessed with a seemingly endless stretch of incredible coastline and sparkling beaches, backed by abundant sunshine and balmy evenings. Then there’s the freedom and ease to enjoy a wealth of leisure activities in a host of incredible locations.

At BIG4, we love summer. We also love Australia. So we decided to combine the two and create the BIG4 Australian Travel Quiz – summer edition.

How much do you know about Australia when the heat is on? It’s time to find out.

We'll start you off with some easy ones before it heats up.

We'll start you off with some easy ones before it heats up.

Warm up (one pointers)

1. Surfing is a popular summer activity. In which state is the iconic surfing location, Bells Beach?






2. What ‘season’ would you be experiencing if you were staying in Darwin in summer?

A) The wet season

B) The dry season

C) The hot season

D) The snow season


3. Holidaymakers gravitate towards riverfront locations in summer. A trip along what mode of transport is an iconic Murray River experience?

A) Hovercraft

B) The Might Murray party boat

C) Submarine

D) Paddlesteamer


4. Each January, the Santos Tour Down Under shows off the magnificent scenery of South Australia? What is this event?

A) A motorbike race

B) A cycling race

C) A wheelbarrow race

D) A horse race


5. In which state would you find Wineglass Bay?

A) A drunken one





6. The Q1 tower is among Australia’s tallest buildings and overlooks a famous stretch of sand. Where is it?

A) Bondi

B) Alice Springs

C) Surfers Paradise

D) Noosa


7. Golf courses all over the country attract keen club wielders each summer. What is the most recognisable feature of Anglesea Golf Club, spotted along the Great Ocean Road?

A) Quicksand bunkers

B) A mob of resident kangaroos

C) Two-for-one meals at the bistro

D) It is a 19-hole course, rather than 18 holes


8. If you were aboard the ‘Popeye’ floating along the River Torrens, where would you be?

A) Warner Bros. Movie World

B) Deniliquin

C) Mildura

D) Adelaide


9. What natural phenomenon would you associate with the NSW town of Kiama?

A) A sinkhole

B) A giant rabbit hole

C) Caves

D) A blowhole


10. Summer is the ideal time to see the famous Blue Lake at its most colourful. In which South Australian city is it located?

A) Mount Gambier

B) Port Augusta

C) Bluetown

D) Naracoorte

The Big Pineapple can be found in which QLD region? Question 11.

The Big Pineapple can be found in which QLD region? Question 11.

Getting hot (two pointers)

11. Think summer, think delicious fruit. In which Queensland region would you find the Big Pineapple?

A) Tropical North QLD

B) The Whitsundays

C) Gold Coast

D) Sunshine Coast


12. Despite being known as the Summer Olympics, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games didn’t take place in the Australian summer. In which month were they mostly held?

A) August

B) September

C) October

D) November


13. The barbecue is an Australian institution in summer. Which celebrity told the world they’d “slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for ya” during a 1984 tourism campaign?

A) Kylie Minogue

B) Russell Crowe

C) Paul Hogan

D) Taylor Swift


14. To beat the heat, which South Australian town famously has much of its infrastructure underground?

A) Port Augusta

B) Coober Pedy

C) Adelaide

D) Robe


15. The hottest recorded temperature in Australia was a scorching 50.7 degrees Celsius (set on Jan. 2, 1960). Where did the record occur?

A) During John Farnham’s original farewell tour

B) Marble Bar, WA

C) Hobart, TAS

D) Oodnadatta, SA


16. Mon Repos – French for ‘my place of rest’ and spotted near Bundaberg – is home to which enthralling spectacle during summer?

A) The annual Croissant Toss

B) The Eiffel Tower sandcastle-making competition

C) Australia’s best sunsets

D) Turtle nesting and hatching


17. Cricket is an Australian staple each summer. In which NSW town is the International Cricket Hall of Fame?

A) Cootamundra

B) Bowral

C) Bathurst

D) Mudgee

Question 19 asks how long the NSW Sea Cliff Bridge stretches.

Question 19 asks how long the NSW Sea Cliff Bridge stretches.

Sizzling (three pointers)

18. Summer is a great time to chill out at a botanical garden. What is the unique feature of Ballarat Botanical Gardens in Victoria?

A) Grass

B) Dancing petunias

C) Bronze busts of Australian Prime Ministers

D) A pink lake


19. The Sea Cliff Bridge in the Illawarra region of NSW is an iconic structure that gifts glorious coastal views. How long is it?

A) A hop, skip, and a jump

B) 665m

C) 3.2km

D) 408.8km


20. It’s easy to work up a thirst in summer. In which location would you find the original Little Creatures brewery?

A) Melbourne, VIC

B) Kangaroo Point, QLD

C) Fremantle, WA

D) Geelong, VIC



So how do you think you went? Time to check your answers using the answer sheet below.

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