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Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take a break; now it’s time to decide which holiday experience is cherry ripe for you. It might be an indulgent escape complete with spa treatments and wine tastings or an adventure encountering waterfalls and funky rock formations. Perhaps you’ll be in your element unmasking cultural gems in a vibrant location. Whatever the case, our quiz will identify which Australian break is best for you.

Remember how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you get!

Question 1: It’s your turn to pick a restaurant for you and your friends. You choose:

a) The quirky place tucked down a side street that none of your friends have heard of.

b) The latest celebrity chef-owned restaurant everyone has been raving about.

c) Something with a menu that’s wider than an eight-lane highway.

d) A venue that provides a taste of a foreign place, both physically and metaphorically.

Question 2: Which of these statements best describes your ideal Sunday morning?

a) A stroll or run followed by breakfast then more time outdoors.

b) A sleep in then brunch at a favourite cafe.

c) Coffee and crossword with family followed by breakfast with friends.

d) A casual stroll around gardens or a gallery with a coffee in hand.

Question 3: What is your one must-have travel item?

a) A camera.

b) A good book.

c) A pack of cards.

d) A guide book.

Question 4: How would your friends most likely describe you?

a) Always on the go.

b) Sophisticated.  

c) A social butterfly.

d) A trivia buff.

Question 5: Which of these is your preferred holiday destination?

a) Anywhere close to a treasure-filled national park.

b) In the heart of a wine region.

c) Somewhere that has more attractions than a circus.

d) A location where you can live and breathe its history.  

Question 6: When on holidays you are...

a) Up at the crack of dawn cramming every last drop into the day.

b) Having a lie in before sitting poolside or enjoying a massage.

c) Making sure everyone has plenty to keep them entertained.

d) Looking to cross off a few items from your bucket list.

Question 7: The best holiday you ever had was...

a) The time we climbed that mountain.

b) When we stumbled upon an amazing food and wine festival.

c) The one where the whole family came along.

d) When we found that unusual yet fascinating gallery.

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