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Angela Curtis - a happy camper

BIG4 Member since 2015

Angela Curtis and her family are avid campers, heading away at least five or six times a year. Camping is the perfect chance for them to disconnect from their daily lives and to get back to enjoying the great outdoors. As Angela said: “It’s no secret that being outside makes you happy.”

The best part of camping for the Curtis family is not only the memories – like watching each of the children learn how to ride a bike – but also the opportunity to ‘unplug’ and spend quality time together and with close friends. This is helped by their ‘device-free’ camping rule.

While some of the most important aspects of a good holiday park include clean amenities and a great camp kitchen, for Angela’s children, the BIG4 jumping pillow is without fail the most important. Angela also cites the safety and consistent quality of BIG4 parks as a winner in helping them choose where they travel to. The BIG4 Membership is an added bonus for the family, and they welcome the savings they enjoy each time they camp. 

Wendy Rhook - no set timetable

BIG4 Member since 2006

Wendy and Robert Rhook are consummate travellers, spending between three to six months at a time on their spontaneous wanders. They usually start out with a vague idea of their destination, but their experiences along the way (and the weather!) dictate where they and their trusty caravan ultimately end up. 

Sometimes the pair stays longer than originally planned. The Rhooks enjoyed being at one of the BIG4 parks in South Australia so much they ended up staying and helping out while the owners went on holiday! 

Wendy's experience has led to some words of wisdom for newer campers. 

"When you first arrive, get out and take a walk. Have a look around and make sure you've got a good spot," she recommends. 

She says it's worth enquiring about alternative spots if desired, noting that staff are happy to help customers have the best holiday experience. 

And Wendy is a big fan of the BIG4 membership. "BIG4 is top of the range in terms of holiday parks, so the discounts help," she said. 

Celebrate Your Life Your Way this May

Celebrate Your Life Your Way this May

Your Chance to Win a $1000 Gift Card

Your Chance to Win a $1000 Gift Card

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Get an AMAZING deal with Naked Wines!

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