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Shark Bay Marine Park

The snorkelling, swimming and fishing are world class at Shark Bay Marine Park about a day's drive north of Perth.

The pristine waters of the park form part of the Shark Bay World Heritage area and meander across 1,500 kilometres of winding coastline which varies from rugged sea cliffs to tranquil lagoons and beaches that are perfect for swimming.

In this part of the world, it's easy to find your very own slice of pure white sand and turquoise water. Spend a lazy afternoon spotting amazing sea creatures like rare turtles, whales, dolphins and dugong.

In the mornings, head to Monkey Mia to go dolphin watching and see a pod of wild dolphins swim to shore most days to be hand fed.

Huge seagrass meadows found in the Shark Bay Marine Park support a big variety of fish, making the fishing especially good and the diving world class.

The best known dive sites are Monkey Rock and the wreck of the 'Gudrun' where you'll see schools of brightly coloured fish and corals.

Getting to Shark Bay Marine Park is easy - you can drive there in a day from Perth or fly in about two hours to Denham.

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Shark Bay Marine Park, Denham, Western Australia, 6537

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