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Monkey Mia, WA

Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff features a spectacularly high cliff that overlooks the Denham Sound and is located 18 to 20 kilometres south from Denham.

Walk along the boardwalk to see breathtaking views out across the water. Time your visit at sunset and you will witness one of the most magnificent sunsets in the west. The boardwalk lies over the ocean where you can see the osprey or sea eagles flying around, dugongs feeding on massive seagrass meadows and the Useless Loop salt pile.

If you get a chance to get into the water you will be amazed by the abundance of fish and coral in this stretch of water and if you are lucky you may also see dolphins, sharks and dugongs.

Eagle Bluff is a 10 hour drive north of Perth and can be found on the drive in or out of Denham.

Regional Express flies from Perth to Monkey Mia Airport.

Eagle Bluff

Hamelin Road, Denham, Western Australia, 6537

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