Alpine Fitness

BIG4 Bright Holiday Park has joined forces with one of the best fitness centres in Bright to keep you on track with your fitness program even when you're away from home.

Pre-book your class or PT session prior to your stay to ensure you have the best work out sessions possible during your time away from your regular training sessions.


Exercise Classes
Alpine Fitness Centre has the dream location, to be able to offer an indoor/outdoor training venue with the Alpine High Country. 

ALL of our classes are able to be modified to suit ANY level of fitness.  Whilst class timetables and programs will always be evolving, our current high performance group exercise sessions are:

A resistance workout to tone and strengthen the entire body. Closely supervised and instructed exercises on Matrix Cell using Dumbells, Barbells, Medicine and Fit Balls, Powerbands and body weight. 

Flexible methods utilised to allow focus on different outcomes from training: endurance/strength/power/hypertrophy.

*Prior experience with Free Weight training exercises essential. **Introductions to Free Weight training available 

Running / WalkingClub

Meeting at the gym, Running Club involves a warm up, speed work and then cool down utilising the local surrounding area for a variety of sessions. ALL levels catered for. A fantastic way to build your cardiovascular fitness, speed and reduce your running times. Sessions modified to cater for all fitness levels. Don’t forget to bring $ for a coffee afterwards.    


Boxing circuit to improve muscle tone, cardio endurance, coordination and core strength. 
Punch and kick a variety of ‘Sting’ bags, focus mitts and kick pads in our dedicated outdoor, undercover boxing area. 

A great way to destress, have fun and get a great all-over body workout.

The Works

A combination of resistance and cardio work utilising all of our equipment, space and activities listed in all the other classes.


A combination of traditional Yoga moves and relaxation with Pilates exercises to strengthen core muscles, increase flexibility, improve posture and mindfulness. **BOOKING REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS

Running/Walking Club:                    

*To best design our classes, we require bookings for all of our classes so that we know how many participants to cater for.


Personal Training

Personal Training sessions with Alpine Fitness Centres qualified staff is a fantastic way to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals. 

Whether you hire a trainer for individual or small group sessions, the advantages are obvious.

Here are 5 for starters: 
1. You will progress faster as your trainer takes you out of your ‘comfort zone.’ 
2. You are utilising the expertise and knowledge of a trainer armed with the latest health & fitness industry information and research. 
3. You are less likely to injure yourself as your trainer monitors your technique and your program. 
4. The workouts are guaranteed to be innovative, fun and challenging. 
5. You have made a financial commitment to workout which means you are much less likely to miss your exercise session.


Gym Facilities

At Alpine Fitness Centre the physical training area is expansive, due, not only to the dedicated inside and outside areas within our boundaries, but also to our enviable position along Morses Creek. 


Resistance and cardio room - Includes large Matrix Cell, Olympic ‘Bumper’ weights and bars, Life Fitness treadmills, Keiser M3 indoor cycles, Concept 2 rowers, full Dumbbell and Barbell racks, Medicine and Fit balls and stretch area.

Group Exercise, Assessment and Male & Female Change rooms.  


Undercover Boxing area – includes high quality ‘Sting’ boxing gear: hanging punch, kick, combination and upper cut bags, floor to ceiling and speed balls, gloves, focus mitts and skipping ropes. 

Large grassed area for a variety of physical activities. 

To enquire or book your session email here or Alpine Fitness Centre on 03 5750 1137


                                     ADULT      CONCESSION   

Single Visit                15              10  
5 session pass           70             45  
10 session Pass         135            90  

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