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Mildura Cruises

Mildura Cruises was born out of the love of living by the Mighty Murray River and the experiences that the McLaughlan family grew up with. Back in December 2016 the husband and wife team purchased the Riverqueen Voyager from the ‘River King’ Wayne Roberts and Gayle Kennedy who were the founding operators for over 17 years.

Dennis and Veronica embraced this newfound adventure due to the many water cruises they had experienced with Wayne and Gayle. They enjoyed the pleasure of getting on the boat, having a sip and enjoying a nibble whilst they floated along the Mighty Murray River. An extremely relaxing way to see this local beauty.

Fast forward to 2020 and the McLaughlan family have now grown their business and expanded their fleet. The kids have grown up and are now a part of the business with the older two now enjoying the ability to drive and host alongside there parents.

Mildura Cruises is now operating for both NSW and Victorian residents – so now is the time to book your next event and cruise. Taking your from the Red Cliffs Cliffs or on a cruise to your next Commealla Golf tee off, we are here to set sail on where ever you want to go.

Mildura Cruises

Hugh King Drive, Mildura, Victoria, 3500

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