BIG4 Beacon Resort

We can see we piqued your interest...

Was it because you are looking for a place you can go into a deep state of relaxation? Here's an example of how you could be feeling in our couples room

Mud body wrap 

Cleansing and fragrant facial

Hot stone massage

Or could you envision the family time you are so in need of catching up on? 

We have pedal carts for hire

Free sport equipment hire

Close proximity to bike tracks, as well as bike hire

BBQ facilities

Camp kitchen area with group gatherings and seating

Picturesque private cabin decking for you to gather

Or did you click here because your kids deserve a paradise to run around and play in? They will jump for joy when you book here!

Free basketball court use

They won't know what to run to first!

Free kids activities in the CoutaKidz clubhouse! (available ALL year round, except Christmas day)


Jumping into the pool

Wildlife encounters