BIG4 Anglesea Holiday Park

Vaccination Situation

Hey, thanks for visiting us here. Just so you know where we’re at with the Vaccination situation, we want to talk about it:

Absolutely everyone is welcome to book a holiday here, because it’s ace and you should!!

The Victorian Government have a few rules of their own though, so you need to know:

  • To use the indoor pool and gym, guests 16 and over need to be double vaccinated to swim or supervise in the INDOOR POOL and use the GYMNASIUM
  • 50 people max. in the pool building at the moment – you just need to flash your double vaxxed tick to book the pool if you are 16 or older to swim or supervise
This is all new to us and we’re peddling hard to give everyone choices and make sure that the Government rules work for them – because we get it, it doesn’t work for everybody.

This is a lot of info, so if it’s easier or you just want to talk to a human (which is actually a really nice thing to do!) give us a ring on 5263 1640 – we’re about.

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