BIG4 Castlemaine Gardens Holiday Park
Castlemaine, VIC

Pet Friendly Camping and Caravanning

Caravanning or Camping with us? Your four-legged friend is more than welcome!

You'll find Castlemaine is a pooch-friendly town and many locals take their dogs to the Botanical Gardens right next door for a daily on-leash walk. There is also an off-leash dog park at Wesley Hill, on the road to Chewton, just a few minutes' drive from BIG4 Castlemaine.

Please Note

You're required to register your dog with us when you book a site, contact our friendly team.
The full terms and conditions for bringing your pet to BIG4 Castlemaine are listed below.

BIG4 Castlemaine Park Pet Rules
To ensure the comfort, enjoyment and safety of all guests staying at BIG4 Castlemaine we ask that our Park Pet Rules are respected.

Pets are only permitted on our powered and unpowered sites. If you are bringing your dog to stay with you at the park, it must be registered with your booking. Before you arrive, please contact our friendly team to register your dog with your site booking.

A limited number of dogs are permitted in the park at any one given time. Allocation of sites will be based on this. Restrictions may apply to peak periods, holiday periods, long weekends, and special events.
As the dog owner, you accept full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your dog whilst in our park and agree to abide by the following park rules:
  • Dogs must be registered with your local council.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Dogs must be always supervised and never left unattended.
  • Dogs are not permitted inside glamping, villa, or cabin accommodation.  
  • For health and safety reasons dogs are not allowed in any common areas of the park including the Bush Hut Camp Kitchen and BBQ, and the Sensory Garden.
  • Dogs must not be washed or cleaned within the park.
  • Dog blankets and accessories must not to be washed in the park laundry or washing machines.
  • Dogs may only be walked in designated areas of the park (on the paved roads).
  • Dog owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog’s waste.
  • The park owner/manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive, and aggressive or is the subject of complaints from other guests. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to control their dog. If in the view of the park management this has not happened to an acceptable level the owner and the dog may be immediately evicted from the park, without warning.
Enjoy your stay at BIG4 Castlemaine Gardens Holiday Park and thank you for your cooperation.

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