BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park
St Helens, TAS

Family Fun!

For families who love to spend time together - this one is for you.

There's no better way to start the day than with the people you love while having some fun in the sun. Scamander Beach has crystal clear water and soft white sand stretching for miles. When conditions are right, the waves are big enough to surf in some places, small enough to bodyboard in others, and the sand is perfect for building sandcastles!

If you need to hire any gear, like bodyboards, fishing rods, wetsuits or even the perfect sandcastle sculpting tool, visit our friends at East Lines before you go - they have all sorts of equipment for you to choose from to make the most out of your day.

On the drive to East Coast Natureworld, where you can feed the kangaroos (give their chests a gentle scratch - they love it!), stop in at Mount Elephant Pancakes for lunch - they have both sweet and savoury crepes to suit all types of tastebuds and plenty of coffee so mum and dad can fuel up.

Bicheno also offers some tours that begin at dusk, so if you're still there around that time and the kids aren't too tired to see some penguins or Tasmanian devils, then that is something definitely worth doing.

Family Fun!

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