BIG4 Launceston Holiday Park

Tasmanian Winter Temptations!

Did you know?
Our fresh air and rich soil makes us the perfect growing State. So while Tassie makes up just 2% of the population, we produce nearly 10% of Australia's veggies and most of its quality Salmon!!

 We think we're a foodies paradise with an infinite amount of possibilities -  why not visit and sample some of the freshest produce and wines in Australia. 

Did we mention winter is a perfect time of the year to sample the local Whiskies? Enjoy world-renowned whiskies on the ‘whisky trail’ - that’s right! a travel route purely dedicated to Tassie’s distilleries. There’s even a Whisky Week which takes place from 13th -  19th August 2018.

With gourmet cafes, providores & restaurants all close by, BIG4 Launceston Holiday Park is the perfect gourmet base. Step off our doorstep and you will find yourself on either the Tasting Trail - discovering the tastiest gems of our region - or the Tamar Valley Wine Route - Tasmania’s principal wine producing area.  On the wine route you will be able to visit lots of wineries, big and small, that sit side by side with picturesque orchards, forests and fertile pastures. Expect to taste excellent samples of Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir - with sparkling wines considered by many to be second only to Champagne itself.

“Food of the gods” is the Latin translation of Cocoa and we couldn’t agree more! Where else could you try a 'popping lavender' chocolate but at Cocobean in George Street. We even celebrate all things Chocolate:
Chocolate Winterfest, is held on 12th  August 2018 in Latrobe (1 hour out of Launceston)

Feeling tempted? - come and enjoy our warm hospitality in winter.


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